Hi again ;)

i have two more feature small requests:

  • If i draw a rectangle over existing objects (to get a dimmed effect) links of objects behind the rectangle shoudl not be clickable

  • There should be some buttons on the outline pane to quickliy move selected objects up, down, on top or on button or to group, ungroup them

Best regards

I have a third one ;)

  • some function that helps you easily to locate screens which are note added to the Storyboard. If you have many screens and linked between them, the links (of course) are not working / not added on exported pdf and html, if you forgot to add the screen to the story board. You may not tak note of it, because it is not neccessary to add the screens to the storyboard if you use the presenation mode to test the screen (the usual way).

Hi Sascha,

  1. You are right. Obscured items should not be clickable. I didn't consider this scenario.
  2. This is available in the pre-release version. Get it here: http://wireframesketcher.com/staging
  3. A have another request for it so I'll bump its priority

Thanks ;)

The functionality for hiding obscured links is now available in version 4.7.4.