I use arrows a lot and it would help me if I could set the direction and where the head is by the way I drag the rectangle when creating the arrow.

For instance, if I click and drag downwards to the right then the arrow would also point downwards with the head on the right hand side.

A similar intelligence could be added to the curly brace. If I draw it wider than taller then it would be horizontal. If I dragged the rectangle upwards, it would point upward.

Just a thought :-)

Thanks, Petr

Hi Petr, I am planning to replace current rectangle-based arrow with a better one that behaves like a line. This is on my high priority list.

Petr, the latest release improves arrows and you can draw and resize them using regular line handles: http://wireframesketcher.com/forum/topic/26477/feature_suggestion_arrow_direction

Let me know how this works for you.

Awesome, thank you! I'm looking forward to see the same intelligence applied to brackets.