I would like to question/suggest renaming the assets folder. It would be nice if the designated assets folder could be renamed. The WS plugin is looking for assets folders while inside each project. Could there could be a way to config a new name for the designated assets folder?

The reason is: I would like to add "_assets" so that it remains topmost on my project explorer. Also so that this doesn't necessarily get uploaded on deploy menu.

Greg, I have some requests for configurable asset folders per project. It would work by right-clicking on a project, choosing Properties and then making the changes in WireframeSketcher section. In your specific case you would add the "_assets" folder as another location for assets. Then you'll be able to remove the default "assets" folder since it's not mandatory. Would something like this work for you?

That would work great. Thank you!

The latest version now allows to configure the location of the "assets" folder: http://wireframesketcher.com/blog/2012-10-23-new-wireframe-project-wizard-mobile-project-templates.html