Hello, 1)Is it possible to allow the selection of WFS icons to gain access to the icons directory of eclipse similarly to how the selection of an image accesses the current project's icon directory? This would reduce the need for WFS assets directory.

2.Allow the selection of an icon/image from any project in the current workspace. It is common for some of us to place our resources in a single shared project, then access the resources in the other projects. This prevents duplication and reduce project size. Hence the shared assets would reflect the same assets the project would use as WFS.

All you have to do is allow access to the projects workspace and then to choose the shared project and access its images, icons etc.

Please let me know what you think.


  1. I have plans to let users put images under "assets/icons" and load them as icons. So in your case it would be enough to copy Eclipse icons in this directory.

  2. I thought about this problem and I think the best solution is for WireframeSketcher to use project references to automatically inherit assets across projects. Project references is the standard way to declare dependencies between projects in Eclipse. This is done by right-clicking a project and selecting Properties > Project References.

What do you think?

Thanks Peter, Your suggestion would be quite alright.

Hi St Clair, I just released a new version that adds asset sharing via project references. Let me know how this works for you.