I'd like to add my vote for being able to move the assets location to a different directory. I'm a PHP developer and my typical directory structure is a mirror of the website with a special folder called src for stuff like WFS sketches. I would like the assets folder to be in for example, /src/drafts/assets/ The idea of setting the folder in project properties is a good one.

Actually, having WFS to look for assets relatively to the current directory (i.e. where the drawing is saved) would work for me too. E.g. drawing is in /src/drafts/ so WFS looks for assets in /assets/ and in /src/drafts/assets/

I don't need sharing across projects, just fyi.

This time I did my homework and read the other threads. :-) I did consider using symlinks or linked folders.

As many other people said, your WFS is an excellent piece of software and your support is just awesome. It's so easy to ask for more :-)

Petr, thanks for your feedback. I added your vote to this feature.

Hi Peter, please add my +1 for this topic too. I can't wait for such a feature. Pls. continue your great work.

My 2 cents: I like how icons were done, where the word "icons" triggered icon treatment. It's a nice balance between "convention" and "configuration" I think.

The latest version now lets you configure the location of the "assets" folder: http://wireframesketcher.com/forum/topic/34272/for_customizable_assets_folder_location

Awesome! Thank you. I confirm that it works.

Just one thing. "Wireframing Settings" is available in project Properties only when I use Project Explorer. I use PHP Explorer from PDT and when I open project Properties from there, the window contains exactly the same items like Resource, Builders, Code Style... except for Wireframing Settings. It appears that you made it visible for Project Explorer only and not for views that inherit. (This is just a wild guess though.)

This isn't really a problem, changing the assets location is a one-time job so I can just use Project Explorer. Just thought you'd want to know.

For others, here's a link for how to configure the assets directory per project: http://wireframesketcher.com/help/help.html#user_interface/palette


Petr, thanks for letting me know. I would expect this work with PHP Explorer too. I'll test WireframeSketcher with PDT to see what's happening exactly.

Petr, I could reproduce the issue with PHP Explorer. Thanks again for reporting this. It will be fixed in the next update.