Is it possible to move the tabs on the TabbedPane to the left or right side?

Daniel, can you show me a screenshot of the layout that you'd like to achieve?

Thanks for you reply, my layout look like this:alt text

So the text is vertical? I am asking this because there are two different requests, one for tabs on the side with horizontal text, and another - with vertical text.

The text is vertical, and the tab is in different color. In Chinese, "系统" means “system”, It's easy to recognize when the text is vertical, and it also let us build a space-saving page.

Thanks for the details. I updated my todo list.


will there also be the possibility to add such Tabs with horizontal Text?


Laura, it's on my list too. I added your vote to it.

Great! Thanks. Do you have an idea how long it will take?

Laura, it's not scheduled for development yet since there are other things with higher priority. Meantime you can try to make your own vertical tabs with a Panel and Buttons:

Vertical Tabs

Let me know if this works for you.

Hi Daniel,

that's a great idea :) I'll try this! Thanks

Vertical tabs were added in version 3.8.1.