I like that you can export the screenflow. (I was having to use print screen beforehand. :) )

I really like that in the PDF you can click the screens and jump to the page.

I quite liked the multiple links being visible between screens, as it allowed me to see the links, but I agree that it often made the screenflow look even more cluttered.

My screenflow is over 80 screen, so it is very cluttered. Especially as some screens are hubs and branch off into other sections.

To try and break it down a bit, I have multiple .story files. (e.g. a specific section is contained within that .story file, like an example purchase loop)

Would it be possible to add a .story to another .story file? That way it'd be possible to break up projects into smaller chunks, but also have one overall .story file that can display the entire project.

I'm not sure how that would look in the screenflow. It could just display the .story as a different looking screen, which when clicked, jumps/opens that .screenflow. (which allows the user to click the screen links as it currently does)

It'd be great if you had the option to display ALL the screens from all the .story files in a single .story file. (You'd have to arrange them to make sure the don't overlap. e.g. Person can click the .story screen which would allow them to move the entire screenflow within that .story) It'd also be good to be able to turn it off to only display the .story file and not the .screens within it.

Hi Brek,

It's an interesting scenario which screenflows cannot handle right now. I am looking into allowing new ways to create screen flows. One possibility is to add a Thumbnail widget that allows to include a small view of another screen. Then using Thumbnail and Arrow you could create your own screen flows that you have complete control over. One downside of this approach is that you lose automatic links. The upside is that you'll be able to do complex branching as you describe. Let me know if this sounds interesting.