I am dropping code into the "Note" and wish there were a way to have it rendered with syntax highlighting.

Sean, it sounds like an interesting feature, but maybe a little too specific for the general usage. I image that it should be possible to write an external tool that processes text and adds %(color) and %(font) tags. I see that there are a lot of open-source syntax highlighting projects so perhaps some code can be reused.

Yeah, I it is a bit specific.

What about an HTML or RTF component? What I'm looking to do is cut-and-paste code ... I can take it right out of Eclipse, which I think puts it as RTF to the clipboard, or from Confluence (while I think can be either RTF or HTML).

Sean, this makes sense. Paste action could get either HTML or RTF content from clipboard and then convert it to WireframeSketcher's wiki format. I'll see what I can do about it.

That would be awesome. By the way, I'm starting to use your tool for actual documentation, not just wireframes. I find the link feature plus PDF makes for excellent interactive system diagrams. I can document everything from the high-level architecture down to the details and you can just click around to drive around and see how the system works. It's pretty cool. If we could drop bits of formatted JSON and Java, we would be all set.

I think you have a real gem on your hands, Peter. I hope to see great things come out of this software!