When I go to render images or the PDF, my individual "screens" get centered. It would be nice to have an option to render with the upper-left corner fixed so header stuff at the top of the page stays in the same place when I move from screen to screen in the PDF.

Hi Sean,

I added your vote to this feature. For now the workaround is to use a common template to make screens the same size.

Thanks ... I'll look around to see how I might do that. I didn't see any way to set the page sizes. I'll keep poking around.

Sean, the idea is to create a base template with some content in it with fixed size. For web applications it's usually a Browser widget. For desktop apps it can be a Window. But anything can work even a simple rectangle.

That makes sense ... I thought of trying that, but wasn't sure how I would set the page size. But now I realize the rendering will scale to fit, so it doesn't matter ... as long as I get one page to look good, the rest will too. Thanks!

By the way, using another story as a background template worked beautifully. I discovered that the ${screen-name} variable can be put into the template and it shows the right value for each page it's put into. Very nice!