Hopefully a small request to implement but its been the one thing I keep expecting to be there and its not. Right now I have to resort to creating a rectangle and placing it behind the text. That kinda sucks :(

Chris, what version are use using? I added background color property to text fields a year ago and you should be able to change it in Properties View. Can you try it and see if it works for you?

In case you mean background color for Text and not for Text Fields then take a look at Rectangle widget. You can remove its border and change its background color. Let me know if this is what you are looking for.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the response. I am on the latest version. Yea I meant regular "Text" objects not Text fields. I don't want a border that the text field has. The rectangle is an option but then the text doesn't wrap and its always vertically centered.

Anyway, don't want to sound nitpicky. Love the product just always seem to want to apply a background color to the regular text objects.

thanks, -Chis

Chris, thanks for the explanation. Could you add a screenshot that shows the result you'd like to get? If you are looking for "text highlight" effect then it would probably be solved best by a new wiki tag that is similar to %(color).

Hi Peter,

Definitely not looking for a text highlight effect. Literally just the background color of the text bounding box. Nothing more complicated than that :)

regards, -Chris

Chris, another option that might work for you is Text Area widget. You can set the border color to match the background. I know that it's not a very straightforward solution, but perhaps it works well enough for you.

Yea that works ok. I also can't set the text color on it either. Its a decent (if non-intuitive) solution.