Hello. When in Wireframesketcher It is great that I can see the tooltips on the links.

However, it does not show these in the PDF, which is a shame as that is the version I tend to show clients as it is more convenient than the HTML version.

It is possible. As some people have done it. But it'd be great if this was supported via Wireframe sketcher. Maybe it could be a checkbox option in the export to allow users to choose if they want them on or off. (It only needs to display the .screen filename that it links to.)



Hi Brek,

I always assumed that it just works, but now that you mentioned it I can see that Acrobat Reader does not display link tooltips. For example Evince reader on Ubuntu does.

WireframeSketcher uses iText Java library for PDF generation and I'll have to see if supports tooltip generation. On the first glance it doesn't.

If anyone else is interested in this feature please leave a comment.

Apparently it is possible to make acrobat reader display tooltips using iText.


2nd post, has 3 links to a book chapter detailing different methods.