Hi all,

I love this tool. I am using eclipse. I have a vision of putting these mockups on my phone. It would be as easy as pressing run in Eclipse. My hope would be that I could show them to users before programming it.

How would I do this? Is there an easy way of creating an apk with the links in the screens working?

I'm okay with a manual process if anyone has successfully done this let me know.

For example, I can imagine exporting out the images to Pngs but then how would I trim the component that is the phone? I just want the content screens.

Angel, thank you for your kind words.

The recommended way to show off your prototype on Android phone is to export your storyboard to HTML and then put it online. The last step is best done using Dropbox and its public folder. Then open the link on your Android phone and this should be it.

Let me know if this works for you.

Hi Peter,

I really appreciate your fast reply. You have such a great support ethic. How do I get the phone component to not display in the html? Is there a way to set it to not be visible?

Thank you!


Angel, right click on it and choose Mark as Annotation. Then use Hide annotations option when exporting to HTML.

That worked great. Thanks!