re: OUTLINE Window (Alt+Shift+Q,O)

Would be nice, if the Sort Feature can be provided in the OUTLINE View Window.

Suppose a user has made a mistake in one component and that component has been copied several times without realising the mistake, then user can launch the OUTLINE Window sort it, Select the components easily, press Alt+Enter and rectify the mistake in one go.

Saptadeep, thank you for your feature request. WireframeSketcher already provides an Outline View that lets you select components, enter them and delete them. Is this what you are looking for?

I am suggesting for a feature where the Outline View can be sorted on components: Say all Labels, then all Text Fields, etc, that way. The default sorting is done based on new-components. I am suggesting an additional sort order.

Please do read the use-case example I had given.

Sartadeep, thank you for the clarification. I can see what you mean now. I'll think about what kind of solution we could offer.

Saptadeep, I have this another request on my list to implement Find/Replace for texts. This would allow to easily correct spelling mistakes. Do you think this is something that could help you with the issue you've described here?