None of the stencils within the mockup gallery have a numberpad (not a dialpad). Can someone suggest a stencil that includes this? Or what is the best way to create one?

Eric, are you looking for iPhone/iPad numberpad or is it something else? A screenshot would help.

Just looking for a number pad stencil similar to this:


Wanted to see if there is anything similar.

Eric, take a look at keyboard components in Android stencil. Number pad cam be created the same way. Android stencil is a regular screen file and can be edited as such to change/add components. No special skills are necessary.

If you send me your results then I'll add them to the official stencil.

So I downloaded the android ics stencil. I do see a keyboard component but do not understand how to modify it. Do you have an docs or videos showing how one would make changes? Do I need to modify the svg file?

Eric, there's a section in user guide dedicated to components. To modify the Android stencil just locate and edit the Android.screen file under "assets" folder. It's a regular screen file where each component is a group of widgets with a name assigned to them. Adding a new component there involves creating a new "Dialpad" group.

Let me know if you need more help.

Hey Peter, so I created a new screen for the dialpad. Take a look:

I can't seem to add it to the andorid stencil though. I am not sure why. If you like it I can send it to you, just not sure how. Do I just send the screen file?

Anyway, thanks for all the help.

Eric, it looks good. Email me the screen file and I'll add it to Android stencil.

You probably created this component as a separate screen file. To make it part of Android stencil you need to copy it into the existing Android4.screen file as a named group.


Sent you two dialpad screens. I sent them to the

Let me know if you get them and they work. Thanks for the help.