I've been trying to use components a lot.

However, one of the problems I have is that the anchor point of the component is always in the top left.

This causes problems if I am trying to make sure the component is aligned on the far right of the screen, as any adjustments to the component (e.g. making it wider in this case) will mean I have to re-position that component on EVERY screen I use it in.

I think it'd be good to be able to have the option to place an anchor point in the component, which means that any re-sizing etc it would scale up or down from that anchor point.

A Quick, solution would be to always use (0,0) in the component screen as the origin point. This means you could move the objects in the component screen to be (-40,-40) meaning the anchor/origin point would be at the bottom right of the component. (if the component is 40,40)

However, this seems to have no effect. (to use this method, you'd also need to show the origin point a bit better, or copy and paste the width&height of the object into the position and add - in front of them :) )

Brek, thanks for your request. It looks like a complex issue. A change of the anchor point would mean that Component widgets would have to move in their containing screens. The only way this could be applied is by going screen by screen and changing them. Screen rename feature works this way so it's not unheard of, but it's still a complex operation. I'll add this feature to our list, but I'd love to find a simpler solution.