Hi, I'm trying to sketch an application with outlining capabilities, so I need to indent entire paragraphs. But if I use the text area widget it only indents the first line of a paragraph. If I use the tree widget it doesn't wrap text at all and puts the entire paragraph on one long line. I can of course use a text area and wrap and indent the text manually, but that will lead to a lot of extra work, especially if I should choose to change the width of the view later on.

So is there any way you can add text wrapping functionality to the tree widget?

Hi Kare,

There is no wrapping functionality in Tree widget. However you could use bulleted lists wiki syntax to create something like this:

Bulleted lists

This syntax works both in Text and Text Area widgets.

If this is not what you are looking for then please send me a drawing or a screenshot of what you mean.

That is a good suggestion, but I need it without the bullets. The simplest solution might be to do what you suggested, and then place a borderless white panel over the bullets to hide them, like this:

text with indented paragraphs

But it's still impractical, especially since I will need many levels of indentation and with this solution I will need a new panel for every indentation I make.

Kare, wouldn't it be simpler just to use multiple Text widgets (one for each paragraph) and align them manually? If you need a rectangle outline around them then use Rectangle widget in the background. Let me know if this works for you.

On my side I'll see if I can add an extra syntax for text indentation inside Text widgets.

That would work too, in fact I would have to do that since I've discovered I also need extra spacing between paragraphs (but less than an entire empty line). But for now I'm just formatting the text in a text editor (Scrivener), taking a screenshot of the text and pasting it into WireframeSketcher.

Now I realise that inter-paragraph spacing is beyond the scope of a program such as WireframeSketcher so I have no problem doing it this way. But text indentation in the text widget and/or text wrapping in the tree widget might be something worth looking into.

By the way, thanks for an excellent program and great support in the forum. Even on a Sunday :-)

After looking more into it seems like it is quite common to have a wiki syntax for indentation. For example Wikipedia uses a syntax like this:

: Indented
:: Indented 2 levels
::: Indented 3 levels

Another common choice is this:

> Indented
>> Indented 2 levels
>>> Indented 3 levels

The layout works the same way as for bulleted list, only that there are no bullets. What do you think? Would it work for you?

Edit: I just saw your last post. It's great that you found a solution. You are right, WireframeSketcher is not meant for very precise layouts and doesn't provide control over line spacing. Still I'll look into adding indentation syntax since it seems useful. And thank you for your kind words!