I like the ability to replace the SVG file with a different one.

It'd be great if I could replace an instance of a component with another one. It even shows the component location, but doesn't allow you to change it. :(

It'd be a great time saver for me. As it reduced the steps involved.

  1. Right click component
  2. Click swap component in menu
  3. Start typing component name in the component search dialog
  4. Press Enter to swap the component. Component is placed in the same position as previous component. (possibly even inherit the scaling of the component) Component keeps the link from the previous component


Thank your for your suggestion. It looks like an interesting feature, but maybe a little too advanced. Can you describe me exactly what you are doing with a concrete example? Are you using stencils from Mockups Gallery or do you need this with your own components?

I try to use components where I can.

I have noticed that you cannot edit nested Components. (which is a pain, as sometimes I need to.)

I use wireframe sketcher to make mock-ups for mobile games & apps.

example: I have a speech bubble (a container) that announces to the player they can tap to collect/interact with that object.

  • The speech bubble is component so i change it once to change all speech bubbles.

  • The contents of the speech bubble can be different. e.g. Collect gift, new message etc (object image) I try to use stencils to make the object images up which I turn into Components to use in other places, but if the stencil doesn't have what I need I make an SVG file using Inkscape.

This causes problems, as SVGs and Components behave differently. :(

There are a number of ways I can do this...

  1. Place the Speech Bubble component.
  2. Place an object image component/SVG for each speech bubble.
  3. Group the Components together.

I then copy and paste for each instance I want, as I cannot change the nested component.

OR I can make multiple components & combine...

  1. Made a Speech Bubble Component.
  2. Made each Object icon Component. (could contain the SVG)
  3. Made a new Component for each combination. (to allow a single speech bubble component change to effect all speech bubbles & their combinations)

This means I need to make a component for each combination of components, even if I only use it once = lots of planning. :(

However, what would be fastest/flexible for me would be...

  1. Make the Speech Bubble Component with an empty object image Component (a blank dummy) already in it.
  2. When I place the component in, I can right click and switch the Component to the new component I want.

I can achieve this with SVG's, however, because I use a mix of Components & stencils it gets complicated as it is not consistant.

So for me, if you could change the components, like you can change SVGs, that'd be consistant & great. :)