In a previuos topic I read: "Edit configuration/config.ini file and edit osgi.instance.area entry. It should look something like this (note the special syntax and slashes instead of backslashes): osgi.instance.area=d:/workspace"

I'm working on a Mac, where can I find the "config.ini" file?


This file is found in .app folder. For example:


Can you give me more details about what you are trying to do? Maybe I can provide a better solution.

I'm trying to organize my works... I'm coming from Balsamiq and I never had a "common work space", so all my projects were distributed in various folders... Now I created a "WS_MOCKPUS" folder with a sub-folder for each projetc, it'd be nice if I open ws directly in the WS_MOCKUP folder...

Mick, even with common workspace you can still place your projects in other folders. This is done in project creation wizard. You need to uncheck Use default location option and specify your own location. In this case the workspace is only used to hold some metadata about your projects. Would this help you?

Yes, thanks a lot!!