Hi, is there a way to reduce the space between rows in Combos? I'm looking for something like the "Row height" option in tables.... Thanks in advance

There is no such option right now. One possibility is to reduce the font size. Can you give me more details about what you are trying to wireframe?

You can find a sample on http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11564619/Adverse%20events.png (the wireframe is in italian, sorry....) As you can see I put ome or more combos in the window (there isn't the option to modify the window background color, I have to draw a panel....) and, then, on the right side I list it's content; if I have many combos, I waste a lot of space... Of course, I could use a text paragraph, but a combo would be better, in my opinion....

Mick, thanks for the example. Is there a reason you don't put combo annotations further to the right? While row height property for Combo could help in this particular scenario, I don't find that it's a good enough reason to add such property.

Regarding your request for background color in Window widget, I added it to our list.