First, I'd like to see this feature somewhen :-)


Is there a plan to add this widget?

Anyway, my main question is as follows:

I have an accordion with few panes, It is possible to select the active pane and the widget is rendered nicely,

But I need to provide details for all panes, so each time another pane should be selected,

What would be the right way to do that ?

Create a template with the accordion panes empty and create another screen per pane by inheriting from the template?


Hi Asaf,

Vertical tabs are high on my list. I'll try to squeeze them into the next release. However it will be the variant with horizontal text. Let me know if you are actually looking for tabs with vertical text.

Creating a template with Accordion is the way to go. Inheriting from this template will let you change Accordion's selection and add specific content.

Horizontal text makes more sense to me and it's more usable, so IMO this is a the way to go - waiting for it ;)

And thanks for the tip.

Vertical tabs were added in version 3.8.1.