would be neat if you could add a padding property for some elements like note, textarea etc. or just harcode a little more padding if an extra property is too complex.

Hi Michael,

Can you give me more details about what you are trying to do? It's the first time a see request for padding property.

a picture tells more than thousand words:

alt text

You are right. The note with padding definitely looks better. I'll look into fixing it for Note and and Text Area widgets. Let me know what other widgets you think need this.

no other widgets in my opinion.

Michael, the latest release increases padding for Note widget: http://wireframesketcher.com/blog/2013-02-04-improved-arrows-eclipse-foundation-membership.html

Let me know how this works for you.

Much better now.

And while On-Topic: If you look at these example screenshots: alt text

i think the overflow of such widgets could be improved in two ways: a) it should apply a bottom-padding so that overflow-text cannot break out of the box. b) (and this is nearly eycandy only) by either apply an overflow of text in the form of an ellipsis ("...") or by a little icon (Warning sign etc.)

alt text alt text

On the other hand: It's not all that important to me as it may sound, but i had one or two occasions where i've simply overseen overflowing text like in this example: alt text

Maybe there's something that can be done, that'd be a great little improvement for an already great product :-)

michael, thank you for your suggestions on how to handle text overflow issue. I noted them down. Thank you for your kind words too!