I see there are new changes to the add screen section.

I used to use the "Add screen" button in the stroyboard and start typing part of the name.

I've noticed that it now also seems to display .screen files that are in the assets folder. If I understand correctly, these are where you add your components, so it's not ideal showing these here, It'd be good to have the ability to uncheck that folder to not include anything in the assets folder or sub-folders.

Another thing that'd be very handy is a little indicator showing which screens are in the selected storyboard, and how many times it is in the current stroyboard. (in case of duplicates) At the moment I have to look at the list and manually check every single .screen name to tell if I have them all in or not and some of my storyboards have over a hundred screens.

This could perhaps be a filter? Then it could display a list of all screens not added, which means I could then just select them all and add them easily.

Brek, your suggestions sound reasonable. I will look into filtering out screens from the assets folder. I must have overlooked it.

I like the idea of filtering out already added screens. I think it should be the default behaviour. Do you actually use the possibility to add the same screen twice, or is it always a mistake?

I've never wanted to add the same screen twice in the storyboard. I can't think of a good reason why you would want to either.

I just assumed that because it allowed you to add duplicates, there was a good reason for it. :)

But I agree, that the default behaviour should filter out screens which have been added already to the storyboard.

Brek, the latest release improves screen selection dialogs: http://wireframesketcher.com/blog/2013-02-04-improved-arrows-eclipse-foundation-membership.html

Let me know how this works for you.

Hi Peter,

This is great. It saves me a whole bunch of time.