I have an issue with components and having links within them.

The user cannot seem to enter multiple levels deep to then edit a link on a component. (this includes components and groups)


I make a BUY button. As I'm going to use it in many places, I make it a component, so one edit changes all. I also add a link to go to the Buy screen.

I want the BUY button to be in the main page nav bar. So I make the nav bar out of multiple buttons, which are components, and turn the nav bar into a component.

My issues occurs when I want to enter the nav bar on a particular screen and edit the BUY button. I want to be able to enter the component and remove that link, or change it.

Screen > Nav Bar > Buy Button > Edit Link

However, I can only get to a certain depth and it no longer lets me. I then need to detatch the component (which make it no longer a component) to be able to edit it.

This means that this screen now have unique objects and not components, so changes don't carry over. What I really want is the over-ride to still work and let be go as deep as I want.

Hi Brek,

Yes, it's a known limitation. You can only enter components one level deep. So if you have nested components then you cannot override properties for components at second and further levels. They only reason this issue was not fixed already it's because of some technical difficulties.

The workaround for now is to avoid nesting components at multiple levels if you want to be able to override their properties.