I 'd like to have zoom level memorized in the screen windows. Each time I open a project, I have to manualy adjust the zoom level with can be tedious with 20 or more screens.

Same in Presentation where it is not possible to set zoom level.


Do you meant that you'd like the zoom level to be persistent per screen? Or do you want the same zoom level to apply to all screens?

I added your vote to zoom in presentation mode feature.

I mean that for each screen, the editor zoom level should be persistent.

And for the Presentation mode, the zoom should be configurable (like in html mode in the browser)

I added the code for persistent zoom per-screen, more zoom out levels and zoom in presentation mode. This will be available in the next update which will be released in approximately 2 weeks. You can try it right now by installing the development version from here: http://wireframesketcher.com/staging

If you do then I'd love to hear your feedback!

Thanks a lot ! Unfortunately, I have not been able to upgrade. I got an error : http://sdrv.ms/Z2RCNT

Sorry, I haven't mentioned it anywhere, but in your configuration you'll need to run WireframeSketcher as Administrator to perform the update. Right click on the app in the menu and choose "Run as Administrator". After you perform the update, close the app and then run it again normally.

Thanks Peter, it works fine now.

Vincent, does the zoom work the way you expect it to now?

Absolutely, it works as expected. I have tested to change zoom level in the editor, close the studio and reopened it; and the zoom level is now persistent for each screen. I have seen that in the presentation it was also possible to zoom in and out. Perfect for me.

Vincent, this feature is now part of version 3.9.0: http://wireframesketcher.com/blog/2013-03-18-better-components-improved-zoom-retina-support.html

Thanks again for your feedback!