Don't kow if there is a setting for that but each time I run the WF Studio, I have to switch workspace. It would be better to reopen the last one.

Also I have found that exporting a storyboard to a wrong folder, exits without warning or error. It took me time to understand that after renaming the destination folder, the path was broken.


Hi Vincent,

What's your reason for using multiple workspaces? We generally recommend using just one, the default one. See this article for more details:

Can you give me more details about your export issue? Steps to reproduce? Also if there is an error then please email me your log file using Window > Preferences > WireframeSketcher > Report a Bug.

When I began to play with WireFrame studio, I wanted to keep all files in my working directory : d:\TRAVAIL......\Wireframing\ I've used the Switch workspace action.


What you can do is to create a shortcut that passes a command line argument for workspace to open like this:

sketcher.exe -data d:\TRAVAIL......\Wireframing

Let me know if this works for you.