I think it would be nice to have an extra option to a link to exclude it from showing up in the siteflow. I have several links I'd like to include in my wireframe, but are not relevant to show in the siteflow.

Could you give an example of the kind of links you'd like to exclude?

I don't know how relevant this is, but for example the search bar linking to search results from each page. Or some stupid link inline or in the footer which is just there for illustration.

Also it could be an image on any page which is linked to a screen to represent full screen sample of it, which is not relevant for the siteflow (each images use the same full screen example page).

Robert, I think it's the same problem as in your other topic. Lets continue the discussion there.

Not really, it might overlap though.

This one is about really showing or hiding a particular link/arrow.

The other is about grouping screens (showing them as one proces keeping the overview clean).

It seems the other topic is not the same as this. In the 'screenflow' a lot of links/arrows show up.

I'd like to 'hide' the irrelevant arrows, like the example about the searchbar. Though this flow does exist, it's not relevant to show. Right click > hide in the screenflow would really usefull and simple.

I still like to be able to click the link inside the screen, just hide it in the particular screenflow. So the arrow should have some kinda property 'show'.

Not sure what would be the best way to (re)show) the arrow...

Forgot to mention. The example sounds like I'd just want to leave the searchbar out of the story. That's not true, I'd just like to keep a single arrow/link or so, but it does automatically add any that exists.

Another example would be the 'home' button showing up on every single screen..... generating a lot of useless 'arrows' in my case.


I see what the problem is, however I would like to avoid having an option to hide individual arrows. I am wondering if it could be possible to hide irrelevant arrows automatically. For example it should be possible to detect and hide links that are defined in master pages and are repeated in multiple screens. I'll have to research this topic to see if there are other scenarios. What do you think? Would it work in your case?

Robert, another approach would be to only display links that go forward. In other words only those links that have their target screen appearing after the source screen in the story. This would effectively hide all links that go backwards in the story. Would it work in your case with the search field? We could try it out together using a development version. Let me know if have time for it.

I think your first feature would be usefull. Not sure where you'd like to place that option? On the master page itself? Or on the screen (show parent links)?

I'm not sure what you exactly mean with your second feature 'forward only', can you explain or give an example?

(I'll be on vacation for two weeks from tomorrow, sorry)

Hi Robert,

Showing forward only arrows would mean that if your story has 2 screens A and B (in this order) then links from A to B would be shown and links from B to A - hidden.

I created a test version that implements this feature and if you have time then give it a try and see how it works with your screen flows: http://wireframesketcher.com/staging

Would be great to have your feedback.


Meantime I added a change that reduces the visibility of back links. It's available in the latest release: http://wireframesketcher.com/support/faq/best-practices-for-organizing-projects.html

It might not be exactly would you were looking for, but I'd love to have your feedback.

Looks very good!