I am using WireframeSketcher Studio 3.9.1 as an Eclipse plug-in.

Eclipse 4.2 (Juno) x86 32bit on Windows 7
Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
Version: Juno Service Release 2
Build id: 20130225-0426

When I try to create a new project with the wizard, and select Web/Twitter Bootstrap, I get an error:

Creation Problems

Internal error: Template 'Bootstrap' not found

Clicking OK closes the error dialogue box, but I can't click Finish, as the project has been created. I can only click Cancel.

Clicking Cancel closes the create project dialogue box.

The project is created, with an assets directory. The assets directory contains the Bootstrap and FontAwesomeIcons assets.

I can then go on to create and edit screens and use the assets as if there was no error.

I don't believe I had this problem when I was evaluating the RCP version.

I just installed and ran the RCP version, and the Web/Twitter Bootstrap project is not available in the project creation wizard.

That explains why I didn't notice this problem with the RCP version.

Definitely a bug of some sort with the Eclipse plug-in.

No problems creating any other type of project.

Just with Web/Twitter Bootstrap using the Eclipse plug-in.

Hi Jeff,

You are right, I confirm that there is a problem with Twitter Bootstrap project template. What is missing is a template for the start screen which breaks that project creation wizard. Other than that you shouldn't have problems with the created project itself. I'll see that this issue gets fixed in the next release.

I do have the same issue. I know the bug is confirmed but just wanted to let you know. I remain awaiting the next version with a fix for that issue.


Hi Greg,

We'll be releasing a new version in a few days. Please be patient.