I have just started getting the following errors when batch exporting images. I get many of the following errors:

Export problems Failed to export ...dashboard.screen to ...wireframes_export\admin\dashboard.png The destination file is read only: ...\wireframes_export\admin\dashboard.png

I have checked the folders file permissions and it is not read only.

I have tried the export on both my workstation and laptop and get the same error.

I am using version 3.8.3 on Windows 7 (64). I am using 1.7.0_01



Hi Ben,

Can you email me your log file so I can check the exact error? Use Window > Preferences > WireframeSketcher > Report a Bug... to do it.

I am using Bulldog 2013 anti-virus. When I disabled the anti-virus off I didn't get any more errors.

Thanks for your help. I will report this problem to Bulldog.