New to this product. Trying to figure out if I can put some links into a datatable that will work. I wish there were more examples of how to use the tools.

I found the hotspot widget. Looks like it will meet my needs. Could you provide the same function with wiki markup? Just curious.

Currently there is no direct support for working links in tables. The workaround is to overlay Hotspot widget over areas you want to make clickable.

I'd just like to throw my hat in the ring in support of the links inside table columns feature. I'm using WireframeSketcher all day long right now and have become quite comfortable with it. I have daily meetings with my client where we review wireframes and the request they most often have is to be able to link through tables. I can see this product has a great future. Keep up the great work!

Randy, table links feature is on our list and I added your vote to it. There are some technical issues with PDFs since text can be formatted slightly differently there. This means that we need to adjust link bounds for PDF format, something we didn't have to do for other types of links. Hopefully we can sort these issues out.

I understand. It is very good now and part of the solution is to set the expectations of my client. I'm working closely with them everyday with WireframeSketcher right on the projection screen. Things are going very well and more than once they've mentioned how impressed they are with this software.


Working table and text links were finally added in the latest version: