I have searched the forum and seen several entries requesting Show/Hide functionality, but to date, it does not seem to have been addressed. Please add the ability to show/hide any element on a screen. This can either be in the Outline (preferred and probably easiest) or as an attribute in the properties window. My particular use case is the layout grid, but it could/should apply to any component. I use it to work with my projects, but do not want it included in the PDF or HTML version. Delete, Export to PDF, Undo Delete is not really a user-friendly workflow.

You can hide the layout grid by marking it as annotation (usr Object > Mark as Annotation) and then checking the Hide annotations option in export dialog.

Let me know if this works for you.

In the short-term that will work perfectly. Thank you. It would be nice to show/hide while you work without having to send to PDF. This is similar to layers in Photoshop.