Hi there,

I have a base screen. Inside this base screen, the right part is a panel with serveral text box that I'm using to write some annotations regarding the left part, which is my actual screen. In my base screen, this left panel is marked as annotation. It is a convenient way to export the screen without the annotations.

Same goes for the grid. I'm using a grid in that base screen and it is also marked as annotation for the same reason.

My usual workflow when working on a project is to create a new screen and immediatly after,I import my base screen (drag&drop the base screen from the Project Explorer directly into the new screen). I position the base screen (-20, -53), I lock it (ctrl-l) and the start to work the screen contents.

My findings is inside the new screen, the components coming from the base screen are no longer marked as annotations. Consequently, I have to edit the base screen from every new screen in order to mark the annotations part and the grid as annotation, just to make sure they will not be exported if I choose to hide the annotations...

Is that behavior on purpose? Is that a missing feature? Is there any work-around against this?

I'm using WFS 3.9.3 under Ubuntu 13.04 and remain available should you need further information

Thanks !


Thanks for reporting this. I tried to reproduce the issue and I found a problem in how annotations are handled. However I'd like to check with you that it's the same issue that you are experiencing.

What I tried was to create a Base.screen with several components, all marked as annotations. Then I created a Screen.screen and made it include the Base.screen and added a regular widget over it. Now when I try to hide annotations in presentation mode or during export for Screen.screen, I get a component placeholder with "Not found" message that replaces the Base.screen component.

So what I conclude is that annotations from Base.screen are getting hidden properly. The problem is that the component widget (that includes Base.screen) in Screen.screen should be hidden too because all of it's contents was hidden. In other words a component that has all its contents marked as annotations should be automatically handled as annotation too.

Can you confirm that it's the problem you are seeing?