iOS Stencil

This is an iOS stencil for creating iPhone and iPad wireframes. The stencil is organized in several categories to simplify the access to different components. Bars, Controls, Forms and Tables categories group common controls and views. iPhone and iPad categories contain device bezels and device specific components and views. Additionally the stencil includes Safari components for wireframing websites on iPhone and iPad, and 50+ common iOS icons.

If you are using Mac OS X then consider using “Helvetica Neue” font with your screens to improve the fidelity.

We tried to make this stencil as exhaustive as possible, but please leave a comment below if you miss something.

This stencil replaces old iPhone and iPad stencils for iOS 6.

This stencil requires WireframeSketcher 4.2.0 or later.

Click here to download: (78 KB)

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iOS Stencil