Trying to decide if I should switch from Basalmiq. Do you have a comparison grid?

Also, my biggest wish is for some sort of popover action that will allow me to put something on a page and have it appear on that page when something is tapped. I think it's crazy to create another page to show what a drop down menu should show, or a popover panel with a couple choices Does you a feature like that?

Hi Marc,

We don't have a comparison grid for Balsamiq, but you can go through this page to see our most notable features:

Yes, in WireframeSketcher you need to create a second screen to have a functioning popover. However you can create this second screen without duplicating the content. Just make it inherit the first screen via a component and then just add the popover. Components are really powerful in WireframeSketcher and screens can inherit freely one from another, on multiple levels too. See this section in our user guide for more details:

Let me know if you have more questions.