Is it possible for Wireframe Sketcher to have a functioning/interactive Dropdown Menu?

I've seen some Threads of similar interactive feature questions and how Wireframe Sketcher is intended for static wireframes, but those were from 2012 so I wanted to ask if anything changed about that in the meantime. While I'm aware of components, it would still mean additional screens and duplicate objects.

For example, when creating something like the Wireframe Sketcher Website, you'd have the basic Website without any content as one Component. The content inside the Site would be adjusted depending on the Site that's selected. With a dropdown like Tour, you'd have to add a alternate Screen for every Page.

In such a case it would also be good if the changes done to the the original Website Component would be done for both, Page without dropdown and with dropdown. Is it possible to add a new component that also uses a different component in such cases? So the open/closed dropdown Screens use one component, which in turn also uses the original website component for all unchanged fields? (Or is that not supported and the recommended way would be to make the changes as a separate component that's overlayed over the basic website?)

Back to the Dropdowns though, I did wonder if it would be possible to have those in PDFs or if that's a limitation of the PDF Format. It certainly would be a good feature to have.

There is still no support for interactive dropdowns. We'll most probably never add it, because as you've noted with PDF export, such a feature would require radical changes in the tool, to the point that it would become a different kind of tool altogether. Our focus are mainly static wireframes, and if you need to provide more details you can do it using notes which describe the interaction.

I am not sure that I've completely understood the question about components. I am not sure if you know it, but components can be nested arbitrarily. So for example Screen3 can be based on Screen2 which on its turn is based on Screen1. Also there is no difference between a component and a screen. Any screen can be used as a component. It's just that screens placed in the assets folder show up in the palette, but other than that there are not differences. More than that, you are not required to place a screen into "assets" folder to use it as a component in other screen. For example you can use "Clone Screen" action to create screen variations this way:

So using components it's possible to create screens that overlay some small changes over an existing screen. You can use this method to show interactions and emulate dropdown functionality. I just wouldn't advise to go into too much detail, because if you try to model every interaction this way then then the number of screens required can become unwieldy.

Let me know if this helps.

Hello Peter

Thanks for the answer, I did think this would be the case but wanted to ask to be sure. As for the second question, it essentially was about having a component be part of another component, but my example to that probably made it more confusing than anything. I've noticed that there's no difference between a component and a screen (as well as how one can add screens as component via drag and drop) in the meantime, thanks for explaining further details to that.

And that's true, we did look into that and decided to only add the dropdown functionality to a small amount of screens.