Is there a way to find out the name of all icons that I can use in a table. I see [train] but how do i replace that with the icon i want to use.

Hi Michael,

The syntax for inserting icons into any text is {icon-name}. When editing text you can type the opening symbol: {, and it will automatically open a auto-completion popup where you can continue typing the name of the icon (or a keyword) and see what the icon looks like.

You can find more details on working with icons in our User Guide.

Let me know if you need more assistance.

Thanks. Is it possible to change the color of the icon?

Nevermind. I figured it out. Thanks %(color:green){arrow-up}%

Hi Michael,

You can also use the color tag syntax like this: %(color:red){train}%

See our user guide for more details on the available syntax when editing text.