I use WireframeSketcher to create a mockup of a mobile website.

After the first version was finished, I wanted to add a new block in the upper region of the wireframe. This means I have to move all the elements down to make place for the new frame. On small wireframes, the easiest way is to zoom out, select all the desired elements with the mouse and move them down.

This mobile website is so large, that zooming out does not show all the content - so I am unable to select all the elements and move them down.

Is there a better way to make space for new content in the middle of the wireframe?

I just saw that WireframeSketcher is able to zoom out, but it hangs 30s when doing that. That makes selecting elements and moving them down completely unusable.

Hi Christian,

You should be able to select all elements using Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut, or from the menu select Edit > Select All. For this to work you don't need to zoom out. Then you can drag the selection lower, or move it down using Down Arrow or Shift+Down Arrow to move it by a bigger distance.

As for the zoom slowness, could you email me a bug report using Help > Report a Bug? It would also help if you could email me a zip archive with your project so that I can try and reproduce the issue. You can create this file directly from WireframeSketcher. In the Project Explorer view right-click on the project and select Export > Archive File. Thanks!

Also regarding the zoom issue, make sure you are using the latest version. There was a zoom issue in the previous version that we've fixed in the last release: https://wireframesketcher.com/changelog.html#6.6.3