7.1.1 Minor bugfixes and improvements.

  • Improved screen editor performance on Linux/GTK3 when using overlay scrollbars
  • Fixed ruler guides creation/deletion issue introduced in 7.1.0

7.1.0 Support for Eclipse 4.30/4.31, icon updates, bug fixes.

  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.31 platform
  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.30 platform
  • Updated Font Awesome icons stencil to version 6.5.1
  • Fixed the possibility of entering negative font size in Text property

7.0.0 Support for macOS Sonoma, support for Eclipse 4.29, icon updates.

  • Added support macOS Sonoma
  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.29 platform
  • Updated Font Awesome icons stencil to version 6.4.2
  • Updated Bootstrap icons stencil to version 1.11.1
  • Improved auto-update for Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

6.6.3 Minor bugfixes and improvements.

  • Fixed zoom actions in storyboard and screenflow editors
  • Fixed warning icon shown for old projects in Project Explorer

6.6.2 Support for Eclipse 4.28, icon updates.

  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.28 platform
  • Updated Font Awesome icons stencil to version 6.4.0
  • Updated Bootstrap icons stencil to version 1.10.5

6.6.1 Support for Eclipse 4.27, icon updates, bug fixes.

  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.27 platform
  • Updated Font Awesome icons stencil to version 6.3.0
  • Fixed installation issues on older versions of Debian distributions

6.6.0 Performance improvements, support for Eclipse 4.26, icon updates.

  • Improved performance of storyboard editor with large number of screens
  • Improved memory usage when exporting large number of screens
  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.26 platform
  • Updated Bootstrap icons stencil to version 1.10.3
  • Updated Font Awesome icons stencil to version 6.2.1

6.5.0 Minor bugfixes and improvements.

  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.25 platform
  • Updated Bootstrap icons stencil to version 1.9.1

6.4.3 Minor bugfixes and improvements.

  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.24 platform

6.4.2 Minor bugfixes and improvements.

  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.23 platform
  • Updated Bootstrap icons stencil to version 1.8.1
  • Fixed Windows uninstaller to remove all registry keys when using /AllUsers option


  • Fixed the issue with missing cursor fixes

6.4.0 Support for macOS Monterey, Apple Silicon processors, other improvements.

  • Added support for macOS Monterey and Apple Silicon processors
  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.22 platform
  • Updated Bootstrap icons stencil to version 1.7.2
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.15.4
  • Fixed the issue with some cursors not scaling correctly on HiDPI displays
  • Fixed the issue with some cursors having black background on Linux
  • Fixed the error in PDF export on some macOS systems
  • Fixed the issue with opening the Mockups Gallery on some macOS systems

6.3.3 Minor bugfixes and improvements.

  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.21 platform

6.3.2 Minor bugfixes and improvements.

  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.20 platform
  • Updated Bootstrap icons stencil to version 1.5.0
  • Updated Font Awesome icons stencil to version 5.15.3
  • Fixed the issue with paste command producing errors in some cases

6.3.1 Minor bugfixes and improvements.

  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.19 platform
  • Updated Bootstrap icons stencil to version 1.4.1
  • Fixed the issue with image files drag & drop not working on macOS
  • Fixed the issue with image to clipboard export sometimes crashing on Linux 64-bits

6.3.0 Support for macOS Big Sur, links password protection, other improvements.

  • Added support for macOS Big Sur
  • Added the possibility to password protect stories shared online
  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.18 platform
  • Added Bootstrap icons stencil
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.15

6.2.3 Improved command line, support for Eclipse 4.16, other improvements.

  • Added support for exporting current selection to PDF
  • Improved command line support in standalone version
  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.16 platform
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.13.1

6.2.2 Auto-save, support for Eclipse 4.15, other improvements.

  • Added auto-save support in the standalone version
  • Updated the standalone version to Eclipse 4.15 platform
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.13.0
  • Fixed scroll issue in Palette View categories on macOS Catalina
  • Fixed the issue with wiki syntax not handling correctly 2 consecutive links
  • Improved the Links View to display the original link text
  • Added a warning about TFS plugin being phased out in favor of Git

6.2.1 Minor bug fixes and improvements.

  • Updated standalone version to Eclipse 4.14 platform
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.12.0
  • Fixed the dark mode theme issue on macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • Fixed the random printing error on Linux for screens containing notes
  • Fixed the issue with PDF export in landscape mode

6.2.0 Dark mode, support for Eclipse 4.13, bug fixes.

  • Added dark mode support
  • Updated standalone version to Eclipse 4.13 platform
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.11.1
  • Fixed the issue with overriding properties in deeply nested components
  • Fixed the issue with PDF export in landscape mode

6.1.0 Support for Eclipse 4.11, and some bug fixes.

  • Updated standalone version to Eclipse 4.11 platform
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.8.1
  • Fixed screen DPI detection causing font size issues on some Linux systems
  • Fixed the issue with previous wireframe versions being still visible on wiresketch.com
  • Fixed how dates are displayed in upload history dialog

6.0.0 Support for Eclipse 4.10, switch to 64-bit, and other changes.

  • Updated standalone version to Eclipse 4.10 platform
  • Switched Windows build to 64-bits
  • Removed support for 32-bit platforms
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.6.1
  • Removed support for GTK2 on Linux
  • Fixed the slowdown reported on Linux when using with GTK3

5.1.0 Support for Eclipse 4.9, and other changes.

  • Migrated to Eclipse 4.9 platform for standalone version
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.3.1

5.0.4 Support for Eclipse 4.8 Photon, and other changes.

  • Added support for Eclipse 4.8 Photon in plugin
  • Fixed the issue with edit commit when quickly exiting group on Linux

5.0.3 Minor bug fixes and improvements.

  • Updated Font Awesome to version 5.0.12
  • Added support for HiDPI rendering for custom asset icons
  • Fixed the use of % character in folder and file names
  • Fixed the layout of icon dialog in Eclipse 4.6 and GTK3

5.0.2 Minor bug fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed the use of auto-size when overriding properties in components

5.0.1 Fixed several bugs, including macOS High Sierra text rendering issue.

  • Fixed text rendering issues on macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • Fixed link alignment for icon cells in Table widget
  • Fixed auto-size issue for icons
  • Fixed transparent image pasting from browser on Windows
  • Fixed memory issues under certain usage conditions by increased available memory

5.0.0 Full support for HiDPI retina displays.

  • Added support for HiDPI monitors
  • Updated base version of Eclipse to 4.7 Oxygen

4.7.6 Modal widget, Eclipse 4.7 support, and other small improvements.

  • Added Modal widget that allows to disable content underneath
  • Improved SVG rendering to support icons from simpleicons.org
  • Fixed the issue with text wrapping in Notes View under Eclipse 4.7
  • Fixed the issue with text editing in certain types of user components

4.7.5 Back links, combo widget links.

  • Added back link support
  • Improved Combo widget to support links in dropdown

4.7.4 Hide links behind containers, hide annotations in edit mode.

  • Added automatic link hiding when behind container widgets
  • Added option to hide annotations in editing mode
  • Added embedded JRE to Linux packages

4.7.3 Export for high-resolution displays.

  • Improved online sharing service to support high-resolution displays
  • Improved local HTML export to support high-resolution displays
  • Improved PDF export to include high-quality images in non-vector export mode
  • Fixed the issue with notes not being numbered in visual order when widget groups are used

4.7.2 Improved notes in Presentation mode and PDF.

  • Added a side panel in Presentation Mode for displaying notes
  • Improved PDF export of notes to better support multiple languages
  • Improved PDF export in Right-to-left mode
  • Fixed an issue with PDF export in batch mode
  • Fixed an issue with rotated labels with embedded icons causing editor errors
  • Fixed a text line height issue in PDF export on Mac OS X

4.7.1 Improved notes editing and export. Various bugfixes.

  • Added wiki auto-completion popup to Notes view
  • Improved text editing UX in Notes view
  • Improved notes to PDF export to use system font for text
  • Added various UI improvements to wiki auto-completion popup
  • Updated Font Awesome stencil to version 4.7.0
  • Fixed a PDF export error occurring with notes in some languages
  • Fixed the export of note pages to take in account Hide Annotations option
  • Fixed an issue with property overrides in some deeply nested components
  • Fixed weak signature issue in Debian repository

4.7.0 Notes for improved annotations and documentation.

  • Added support for notes and specification generation
  • Improved the handling of missing fonts
  • Improved custom arrow components to behave like regular arrows
  • Improved components and groups to allow mouse click-through in empty areas
  • Improved export actions to remember last location per file
  • Improved context help system
  • Improved Quick Add action to perform edit if just a single widget is added
  • Enabled SSH2 preferences page when version controls plugins are installed
  • Enabled automatic widget snapping to center of other widgets
  • Fixed a performance issue with offline HTML on macOS Sierra
  • Fixed Palette category assignment for certain custom components
  • Fixed Shift+Enter shortcut in single-line widgets
  • Fixed formatting issues in PDF for wiki text with embedded icons
  • Fixed an issue with parsing certain list combinations in wiki text
  • Fixed support for SVG images generated using drawsvg.org online editor


  • Fixed the editing of ruler guides in Properties view
  • Fixed the “Edit Source” button for components in Properties view
  • Fixed black query icons and thumbnails on CentOS 6

4.6.3 Zoom out in storyboards, improved Properties view and more.

  • Added zoom out support in Storyboard and Screenflow editors
  • Updated Font Awesome icons stencil to version 4.6.3 with 20+ new icons
  • Improved usability of Properties and Links views and eliminated various paper cut bugs
  • Fixed an issue in storyboard editor introduced by version 4.6.2

4.6.1 Released a bug-fix version with some small improvements.

  • Improved right and center aligned labels to keep their alignment automatically when edited
  • Added “Keep Aspect Ratio” shortcut for size fields in Properties View
  • Improved export dialogs to detect broken links
  • Fixed the issue in Properties View occurring with components and multiple selection
  • Fixed the issue with certain broken links preventing the editor from opening

4.6.0 Working links in table, text and other widgets.

  • Added support for text links in Table, Text, Text Area, Label, Note, Tooltip and Curly Brace widgets
  • Added border property for images
  • Added support for multiple selection for gray out and detach actions in components
  • Updated Material Design Icons stencil to v2.2
  • Fixed memory issue when using command line export on Mac OS X
  • Fixed the issue with group renaming in stencils when multiple groups have the same name


  • Fixed the issue with exporting resized imaged to PDF

4.5.1 Improved PDF export, link to screen clone.

  • Vastly improved the handling of text in PDF export
  • Added a “Link to Screen Clone…” linking option
  • Fixed the issue with transparency in some image types

4.5.0 Icon categories, export image scaling, and more.

  • Added support for categories in icon stencils
  • Added categories to most of the icon stencils
  • Added a scale option to image export to support retina export and similar scenarios
  • Added automatic updating of references in other screens when renaming groups in stencils
  • Added a choice to create a new screen when linking to screen
  • Added XXL size choice (128×128) for icons
  • Added a stencil for Segoe MDL2 Asset icons (Microsoft Design Language)
  • Updated Font Awesome icons stencil to version 4.5.0 with 20 new icons and improved searching
  • Updated Material Design icons stencil to version 2.1 with 90+ new icons
  • Updated Iconic icons stencil to Open Iconic icon set
  • Improved the wording of choices in link drop-down
  • Fixed custom SVG icons having incorrect aspect ratio in certain cases

4.4.9 Update on high resolution (high-DPI) displays.

  • Added initial support for high resolution (high-DPI) monitors on Windows

4.4.8 Maintenance release.

  • Improved the stability of overrides in nested components
  • Enabled drag & drop of SVG icons directly from Project Explorer
  • Fixed PDF export failure in case of some very small font sizes


  • Updated Font Awesome stencil to 4.4.0
  • Added support for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Added support for Windows 10
  • Disabled marquee cursor in presentation mode
  • Fixed the issue with MyEclipse Secure Marketplace
  • Fixed the issue with “Enable comments for collecting feedback” option not being disabled correctly

4.4.6 Better Linux support, other improvements and bugfixes.

  • Updated Material Design Icons to v2.0
  • Improved the display of long screen names in storyboards by truncating them in the middle instead of the tail
  • Added “-theme” option to allow passing the default theme from the command line
  • Fixed the issue with loading of local user fonts by PDF export on Linux and Mac OS X
  • Fixed interface lock issue on certain versions of Linux
  • Added RPM packages compatible with Fedora/CentOS/openSUSE/Mageia
  • Added Linux Arch package to AUR repository


  • Fixed the issue with Text Area widget changing its size

4.4.4 Android 5.0 Lollipop stencil.

  • Updated Android stencil to Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • Added font properties to Browser widget
  • Fixed the issue with font not being inherited from template in Wireframe Project wizard

4.4.3 Comments overview, improvements and bug fixes.

  • Added a comments overview in online sharing service
  • Updated Font Awesome stencil to version 4.3.0
  • Updated Glyphicons stencil to version 1.9
  • Added Ribbon Bar widget template to Mockups Gallery
  • Fixed an issue with the installation of Git plugin
  • Fixed the issue with focus in Properties View on Mac OS X
  • Fixed the issue with switching languages on Ubuntu while editing text
  • Fixed the issue with menus on Ubuntu 12.10
  • Fixed the issue with dropping components from Project Explorer and Properties View update

4.4.2 Update or delete shared links, material design icons.

  • Added Material Design Icons stencil
  • Added the possibility to update or remove uploaded links
  • Improved shared links to be shorter
  • Improved perspective switcher to show when using version control plugins
  • Improved support for silent install on Windows
  • Removed Java runtime requirement on Mac OS X

4.4.1 Small improvements and bug fixes, new theme feedback.

  • Improved “Export Image to Clipboard” command to export current selection if any
  • Fixed the issue with deleting default text in components
  • Fixed the issue with system font in exported PDF on Mac OS X Yosemite
  • Fixed the issue with rotated images that were not rotated in exported PDF
  • Fixed crash on Ubuntu 14.04 when adding assets by disabling overlay scrollbars
  • Fixed image export to clipboard on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bits
  • Improved the error handling in case of capitalized “Assets” folder
  • Renewed code signing certificate

4.4.0 New release, updated online sharing service.

  • Migrated WireframeSketcher to Eclipse 4.4 platform
  • Added real-time comments in online sharing service (wiresketch.com)
  • Added background color property for Window widget
  • Added background color transparency for Window and Browser widgets
  • Updated Font Awesome stencil to 4.2.0
  • Updated Glyphicons to version 3.2.0 of Bootstrap
  • Fixed app signature on Mac OS X 10.9.5 and OS X Yosemite
  • Fixed local HTML export to keep PNG file names unchanged
  • Improved local HTML export to use permanent links for individual screens
  • Improved PDF and HTML export to handle better deleted screens
  • Fixed Share Online to use system proxy settings during upload
  • Fixed the unmarking of annotation widgets

4.3.2 Small update that fixes selection export and few other issues.

  • Fixed Z-order issue when exporting selection to image
  • Added backward compatibility for Eclipse 3.7
  • Fixed debian repository

4.3.0 Simplified components, better storyboards, updated online sharing service.

  • Improved editing workflow of one-widget components
  • Added clone screen action in Storyboard Editor
  • Added rename action in Storyboard Editor
  • Added a warning about missing screens when exporting a storyboard
  • Added support for horizontal scroll with Shift+Scroll in Screenflow view
  • Fixed panning tool in Screen Editor
  • Fixed the drawing of dashed and dotted borders on Mac OS X and Linux
  • Fixed the pasting of .story files from Project Explorer into Storyboard Editor
  • Fixed rename and move refactoring for nested storyboards
  • Fixed label style in SVG and Image widgets

4.2.6 Small improvements, video tutorials and a giveaway.

  • Added support for zoom touch gesture on Mac OS X
  • Added a placeholder icon
  • Added support for Keypad Enter work for direct edit
  • Added a Debian repository to support automatic updates
  • Removed perspective switcher from the UI
  • Added a Github repository for stencils from Mockups Gallery
  • Updated FontAwesome icons to v4.1.0
  • Added new JavaFX stencil to Mockups Gallery
  • Fixed the handling of selection property in stencils
  • Fixed the SSL error when dropping images from opencliparts.org
  • Dropped support for Eclipse 3.6 and 3.7
  • Disabled print actions when no printers are available

4.2.5 More usability improvements and bug fixes.

  • Added a text field for hex colors in color picker
  • Optimized the size of exported PDF when using bitmap images
  • Fixed horizontal scroll with Shift+MouseWheel in presentation viewer
  • Improved zooming with Ctrl+MouseWheel in screen editor
  • Improved widget selection when entering groups/components
  • Removed delete action from the toolbar

4.2.4 Usability improvements and bug fixes.

  • Improved Image widget to behave as a placeholder when image is not specified
  • Improved Image widget to accept a text label
  • Improved the installation of icon assets by showing Icon Chooser dialog with new icons
  • Improved how online sharing service works on mobile devices
  • Added an option to disable comments when sharing online
  • Improved Clone Screen action to save unsaved changes before cloning
  • Improved Clone Screen action to copy the contents instead of using inheritance. Added an explicit option for “inherit” behavior.
  • Added a warning when trying to paste, duplicate or add widgets in “Overriding properties” mode
  • Added Steps Left widget to Mockups Gallery
  • Added Range Slider widget to Foundation stencil
  • Fixed Grid asset error occurring when loading predefined templates
  • Fixed Activity Indicator widget in Android Kit Kat stencil
  • Added list/menu/reorder built-in icon (3 horizontal lines)
  • Improved the styling of Mockups Gallery when opened from the application
  • Added support for Plastic SCM plugin
  • Renamed “WireframeSketcher Studio” to simply “WireframeSketcher”

4.2.3 Android KitKat stencil, other improvements.

  • Added new Android KitKat stencil
  • Improved paste action to paste objects as components when copied from a stencil in assets
  • Fixed error in Accordion widget that prevented the screen from being opened
  • Fixed unwanted text wrapping when using certain fonts and font sizes
  • Fixed text wrapping in skinned Tabs and Button Bar
  • Fixed selection export error occurring when using custom icons
  • Fixed application icon on Windows for 256×256 size
  • Fixed layout issue occurring when changing text in skinned Browser widget

4.2.2 Bootstrap stencil, Vertical Button Bar widget, copy & paste from Excel.

  • Added Vertical Button Bar widget
  • Added support for tabs in Table widget to simplify copy & paste to/from spreadsheet apps
  • Updated Bootstrap stencil
  • Improved text editing while zoomed
  • Renamed the executable from “sketcher” to “WireframeSketcher”

4.2.1 New iOS 7 and ZURB Foundation stencils. Other improvements.

  • Added ZURB Foundation stencil
  • Added iOS 7 stencil
  • Added font properties for Accordion widget
  • Added font properties for Alert widget
  • Added “None” option to anchor drop-down
  • Added color property for Slider widget
  • Improved “lorem” auto-completion to only insert a short snippet in Labels and single line widgets
  • Improved Table and List widgets by reversing odd and even colors
  • Improved Sketch theme
  • Fixed redraw bug occurring when sending shapes backwards
  • Fixed resize and nudge precision at fractional zoom levels
  • Fixed performance problems with Lorem Ipsum widget by providing just one paragraph
  • Fixed top menu issue under Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander)
  • Fixed launcher icon under Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander)
  • Fixed refresh issue in Properties View when detaching a component
  • Fixed the parsing of SVG color keywords to ignore case
  • Fixed resize issue for components created using drop and size gesture

4.2.0 Automatic layout with anchors, text line height, Share a Stencil program.

  • Added support for layout constraints (anchors)
  • Added line height property for Text and Text Area widgets
  • Fixed text centering for Shape and Button Bar widgets
  • Improved support for sub-categories in stencils
  • Changed JavaScript SVG API to use $ prefix for $model and $items variables

4.1.0 Skinnable widgets; new Alert, Shape and Switch widgets.

  • Added support for skins via scripted SVG images
  • Added new Alert widget to represent message dialogs
  • Added new Switch widget to represent toggle controls
  • Added Shape widget to represent common shapes. Deprecated Circle and Rectangle widgets.
  • Added round border option for Button widget
  • Added header toggle property for List widget
  • Added automatic image refresh in editor on image change
  • Changed “Clone Screen” action to include source screen as component instead of copying it
  • Improved the look of Tabs widget and made it resizeable horizontally
  • Disabled delete action for locked widgets
  • Renamed “Export to HTML” action to “Share Online”
  • Improved painting performance
  • Removed “Advanced” button from new screen and storyboard wizards
  • Fixed center alignment for widgets with “\n” in text
  • Fixed the behavior of Image widget placeholder on resize
  • Fixed the error sometimes occurring when overriding properties


  • Enabled automatic update checks
  • Changed alpha slider for colors to allow intermediary values
  • Fixed the issue with update site that in some setups caused errors on save
  • Moved builds on Mac OS X to 64 bits to support Oracle’s JVM
  • Fixed the issue with annotations that caused some components to display a “Not found” placeholder

4.0 Launching wireframe sharing service.

  • Added an option in HTML export to share storyboards on WireframeSketcher’s servers
  • Signed Mac OS X bundle with Apple’s developer certificate
  • Fixed an occasional error in Properties View
  • Fixed an error in groups produced by a certain sequence of undoes/redoes

3.9.3 Better color picker, Eclipse Kepler support.

  • Added support for Eclipse 4.3 Kepler
  • Added the display of hex color in color picker
  • Updated Font Awesome stencil to 3.2.1
  • Added copy & paste support to color picker
  • Added navigation drawer icon to Android Icon set
  • Fixed the issue with exclamation character in project names breaking icons and images
  • Fixed broken Twitter Bootstrap project template
  • Fixed the issue with PDF export failing to use certain fonts
  • Fixed the issue with broken icons and images when using Remote System Explorer (RSE) plug-in
  • Fixed the issue with exporting transparent TIFF images to PDF
  • Fixed the issue with website link not being displayed correctly in preferences

3.9.2 New image export options, PDF text alignment fix.

  • Fixed the issue with vertical text alignment in PDF
  • Added an option for exporting selection to PNG image
  • Added Ctrl-Shift-C shortcut for exporting image to clipboard
  • Reduced the visibility of back links in screen flows
  • Added Bootstrap template to Wireframe Project wizard
  • Updated Font Awesome stencil to 3.1.1
  • Improved drag & drop from browser to work with Google Images search

3.9.1 New background color tags, nested storyboards.

  • Added the possibility to combine font and color tags in text
  • Added new syntax for text background color
  • Added new syntax for cell background color in Table widget
  • Added new syntax for row background color in Table, List and Tree widgets
  • Added support for CSS color names in color tags
  • Added the possibility to nest storyboards
  • Added new Bootstrap stencil
  • Added new Font Awesome icons stencil
  • Added rotation and flip properties for Image widget
  • Added support for SourceAnywhere from Dynamsoft
  • Fixed the error caused by image files without an extension
  • Fixed the issue with auto-completion for tags sometimes deleting the next word

3.9.0 Better components, improved zoom, retina support.

  • Added zoom in/out actions in presentation mode
  • Added more zoom out levels in Screen editor
  • Added persistence for last zoom level for each screen
  • Added support for overriding component properties at second and further levels
  • Added support for retina display on Mac
  • Added link property for Combo widget
  • Added a grid calculator for different grid systems
  • Fixed the issue with links in screen flow sometimes not being refreshed
  • Fixed the issue with thumbnails in storyboards sometimes not being refreshed
  • Fixed the issue with text with font tags being misaligned vertically in PDF export

3.8.3 Improved arrows, Eclipse Foundation membership.

  • Added label support for Arrow widget
  • Added support for vertical and horizontal arrows
  • Improved Arrow widget to use line resize handles instead of rectangle
  • Fixed the issue with arrow heads being sometimes obscured
  • Improved screen selection dialog in Storyboard editor by hiding assets and already added screens
  • Improved linked screen selection dialog by hiding screens from assets
  • Improved Note and Text Area widgets to use more padding
  • Enabled HTML export for single screen
  • Fixed the issue with some actions not being available in renamed perspective
  • Fixed the issue with deleted screens in storyboard export

3.8.2 External links, vertical tabs, better HTML viewer.

  • Added support for external links
  • Added left and right orientation for Tabbed Pane widget
  • Switched to square tabs in Tabbed Pane widget
  • Added navigation bar in HTML viewer
  • Disabled image pre-load in HTML viewer
  • Disabled up/down key bindings in HTML viewer
  • Improved the look of link overlay icon
  • Show broken link icon if screen file does not exist.
  • Added show/hide actions for rulers and grid in View menu
  • Fixed an issue with customizing Wireframing perspective in Eclipse Juno (4.2)
  • Fixed the issue with holding arrow keys while moving or resizing
  • Fixed the sizing of Accordion widget with sub-items and scrollbar
  • Removed text style and align toolbar
  • Fixed the issue with Presentation viewer after clicking on a broken link
  • Fixed font issue on Mac retina display
  • Dropped support for Eclipse 3.5

3.8.1 Turbocharging Drag & Drop and Copy & Paste.

  • Added screen linking via drag & drop
  • Added Paste in Place action
  • Added support for pasting image files from local file system
  • Added support for pasting resources from Project Explorer
  • Improved Paste action to place objects inside the current viewport
  • Improved Paste action to create Label instead of Text for short texts
  • Added Clone Screen action in Project Explorer view
  • Added Matrix Flight Search example project
  • Improved Save As dialogs to pre-select file name without extension
  • Fixed Convert to Component action to preserve z-order of components
  • Fixed Wireframing property page to appear in PHP Explorer view in PDT
  • Fixed iPad stencil that had non-unique ids
  • Fixed image drag & drop from Internet Explorer in Protected Mode
  • Fixed link tooltips that were empty for points-to-itself links
  • Fixed image flicker in HTML when viewed with Chrome and Dropbox

3.8.0 New Wireframe Project wizard, mobile project templates, improvements and bug fixes.

  • Added Wireframe Project wizard with project templates for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
  • Added support for image drag & drop from browsers
  • Added per-project “asset” folder configuration
  • Added background color property to Combo, Spinner and Date Field widgets
  • Added focused state to Combo and Spinner widgets
  • Added “Assets/Unsorted” category in Palette view for uncategorized assets
  • Added font properties to Tree widget
  • Added Brush and Find icons
  • Improved file dialogs to pre-select file name without the extension
  • Improved slightly the look of Combo widget
  • Renamed “Sketching” perspective to “Wireframing”
  • Updated base Eclipse version to 3.8 SR1
  • Fixed broken screen references issue for file names containing ampersand (&) char
  • Fixed links view issue with displaying underlines instead of ampersands
  • Fixed HTML export issue with handling special URI chars in file names
  • Fixed HTML export issue with handling screens with the same name but from different folders
  • Fixed refactoring issue with updating screen references in unsaved editors

3.7.1 Better Accordion widget and other improvements.

  • Added support for second level of menu items in Accordion widget
  • Added link property to Search Field widget
  • Added the name of the linked screen in the Outline View for Hotspot widget
  • Added vkontakte and odnoklassniki icons to Social Icons set
  • Improved the look of pointy button
  • Reversed submit keys in Quick Add dialog
  • Removed auto-size action from toolbar to prevent confusion with same-size action
  • Fixed the issue with custom icons in projects that have spaces in their name
  • Fixed the issue with ‘&’ character in component names
  • Fixed the search in Quick Add and Palette to be case insensitive
  • Fixed the issue with paste action and recursive components
  • Fixed ‘\n’ abbreviation in wiki text to work with style markups
  • Fixed the issue with “Custom” button in color picker that was not visible under certain settings


  • Added support for Eclipse Juno (3.8)
  • Moved WireframeSketcher Studio to Eclipse Juno (3.8)
  • Added Windows Phone stencil
  • Added new iPhone stencil
  • Added support for custom icon categories in icon selection dialog
  • Added support for keywords in SVG icons
  • Improved mouse duplication (Ctrl+Drag) to inter-operate with keyboard duplication (Ctrl+D)
  • Improved support for Mac OS X
    • Added support for retina display
    • Switched to proper, self-contained .app packaging
    • Added support for full-screen mode
    • Fixed the ruler flicker issue on entering groups and components
    • Fixed rulers redraw issue
  • Fixed HTML output to work with IE7 and IE8
  • Fixed marquee selection tool (F4)
  • Fixed drag & drop of screen files when editing a group or component

3.6.0 Custom icons, border color, other improvements.

  • Added support for user-defined icons
  • Added Android Action Bar icons and Social icons to Mockups Gallery
  • Added border color property to input widgets
  • Added font properties to Search Field widget
  • Added focused and disabled states to Search Field widget
  • Added Media category to palette
  • Added horizontal and vertical flip properties to SVG Image widget
  • Improved the look of Scratch Out widget
  • Fixed the issue with grouping in overriding properties mode
  • Fixed foreground color negating in Tooltip widget

3.5.1 New Android and touch gestures stencils, other improvements.

  • Added Distribute Centers actions
  • Added new Android 4.0 stencil
  • Added new Touch Gestures stencil
  • Added background color property for Browser widget
  • Added neutral sort icon
  • Added multi-term search in Palette and Quick Add dialogs
  • Improved colors in TabbedPane widget by reverting colors of selected and background tabs
  • Improved text antialiasing on Windows
  • Improved automatic sizing of embedded icons in text
  • Improved Windows installer to automatically uninstall previous version
  • Improved error reporting in export dialogs
  • Improved support for RTL orientation
  • Fixed save to avoid data loss on errors
  • Fixed the issue with invalid characters when copying & pasting from external programs

3.5.0 Pixel font sizes, small improvements and fixes.

  • Switched font sizes from points to pixels
  • Added an action to create a component from selection
  • Added new screen creation button in screen selection dialog of storyboard editor
  • Added support for automatic Perforce checkouts
  • Changed row height slider to support 1px increments
  • Enabled font size setting in Palette view
  • Fixed the issue with removing links in component overrides
  • Fixed an issue with exiting overriding mode in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue with PDF batch export and screenflow option

3.4.2 Better screen flows, small improvements.

  • Improved screen flow editor:
    • Added export to PDF
    • Added printing
    • Added align and distribute actions
    • Collapsed multiple links into a single link for each pair of screens
    • Removed link labels
  • Improved Ctrl+MouseWheel to zoom on mouse cursor position
  • Added “minus” icon
  • Cleaned up SVG icons
  • Fixed a resource leak in smart guides
  • Fixed an error when removing a rotated icon
  • Fixed an issue with “+” character in image file names
  • Fixed icon rotation in Label widget
  • Fixed the z-order of link areas in exported HTML
  • Fixed an issue with Quick Add when Palette View is minimized

3.4.1 A few bugfixes and better bulleted lists.

  • Updated JRE in Windows distribution
  • Updated platform to Eclipse 3.7.2
  • Added “Edit Screen” action in presentation mode
  • Added circle and square styles to nested list bullets
  • Fixed the issue with component overrides sometimes not computing properly and potentially losing work
  • Fixed extraneous lines sometimes visible in bulleted lists on Linux
  • Fixed vertical bullet centering with larger font sizes on Windows

3.4.0 New Palette, new iPad stencil, and a whole lot of improvements.

  • New Palette UI
    • Improved Palette view by removing drawers and adding a filter tree
    • Improved search in Palette view and Quick Add dialog
    • Added keyboard navigation in Palette view
    • Improved thumbnails in Palette view
    • Improved the display of long file names in Palette view
    • Switched to regular scrollbars in Palette view
    • Added cross-project asset sharing via project references
    • Reverted to alphabetical ordering in Palette view
  • Improved reorder actions to work with multiple selection
  • Fixed drag & drop in Outline view to preserve relative ordering
  • Removed navigation footer in exported HTML documents
  • Fixed missing master links in Screenflow editor
  • Fixed Quick Add to place widgets inside visible canvas when zoomed
  • Switched to regular file chooser instead of directory chooser in export dialogs on Windows
  • Fixed an error when exporting to non-existing or non-writable directory
  • Fixed multi-line text alignment when using \n in Button, Circle, Rectangle and Table widgets
  • Fixed PDF export to use images when Arabic or Hebrew text is used
  • Fixed keys for disabling snapping in Studio and Eclipse 3.7

3.3.0 Rotating icons and SVG images, Shapes and Annotations assets, and more.

  • Added rotation property to icons and SVG images
  • Added more resize behaviors to SVG images
  • Enabled multiple windows to be opened in Studio
  • Added new Shapes and Annotations assets to Mockups Gallery
  • Added Ubuntu/Debian packages
  • Fixed broken links issue when moving multiple files
  • Fixed icons auto-completion issue in Tree widget

3.2.0 New assets for iPhone and Android wireframes, better SVG support, new icons.

  • Added foreground and background properties for SVG Image widget
  • Added non scalable stroke support for SVG images
  • Added 9-slice scaling for SVG images
  • Improved support for SVG images produced by Adobe Illustrator
  • Added indeterminate (tri-state) checkbox state icon
  • Added iPhone “more” icon (3 dots)
  • Added “angle” arrow icons
  • Improved handling of zipped stencils

3.1.1 Quick update and pricing changes.

  • Changed several icons (notably arrows) for better contrast
  • Added a few new icons
  • Fixed a workspace locking bug in Mockup Gallery Wizard
  • Fixed an issue with exiting group editing

3.1.0 Vector icons, Windows installer.

  • Migrated icons to vector format
  • Fixed printing on Linux with Eclipse 3.7
  • Added installer for Windows

3.0 SVG images, label rotation, mockups gallery wizard.

  • Added support for SVG vector graphic images
  • Added vertical orientation support for labels
  • Added integration with Mockups Gallery
  • Added context sensitive help on F1
  • Improved error reporting for empty storyboards
  • Fixed the handling of negatives in font size wiki tag

2.8.0 Overriding component properties, font size wiki syntax.

  • Added support for overriding component properties
  • Added support for resizing components
  • Added wiki syntax for variable font size
  • Added font properties for Group widget
  • Added syntax highlighting and auto-completion for color and font tags
  • Increased icon sizes in Quick Add dialog to work better with assets
  • Removed support for Eclipse 3.3 and Eclipse 3.4
  • Upgraded Studio to use Eclipse 3.7
  • Fixed missing corner resize handles on Eclipse 3.7
  • Fixed broken links not to crash presentation viewer
  • Changed palette to ignore assets with underscore (_) and dot (.) prefixes
  • Added id attribute to widgets in screen XML format

2.7.0 Editing groups, dashed and dotted line styles.

  • Added support for editing groups
  • Added dotted and dashed line styles for Arrow, Lines and Circle
  • Added double-click support in Palette for adding widgets
  • Enabled escape character for column size and align syntax in Table widget
  • Enabled Shift key in presentation mode for toggling link highlighting
  • Improved Properties view to select text on focus in text fields
  • Changed the order of bring to front and send to back actions for better consistency
  • Changed Detach Component action to put widgets into a group
  • Studio: added support for Perforce Eclipse plug-in (p4eclipse)
  • Studio: fixed update issue on Mac OS X. Requires re-download for existing users
  • Studio: updated JRE to the latest version on Windows

2.6.0 Hide annotations, better Table, open source and more.

  • Added an option to turn off annotations in presentation mode and on export
  • Added text alignment syntax for Table columns and cells
  • Added column sizes syntax for Table widget
  • Improved Table widget to use a gray background color for its header
  • Added alternating row colors in Table widget
  • Added minimize, maximize and close button toggles in Window widget
  • Added copyright and trademark icons
  • Added group and reorder buttons in the toolbar of the Outline view
  • Enabled Shift key in exported HTML for toggling link highlighting
  • Improved keyboard navigation and selection in storyboard editor
  • Improved the sizing of in-place text editor
  • Fixed color tag to work with embedded icons
  • Open-sourced model and spy plug-ins


  • Added support for Eclipse Indigo (3.7)
  • Added support for sub-directories in assets directory


  • Fixed the problem with Batch HTML Export

2.5.1 More PDF options, HTML export, palette customization.

  • Added new HTML export
  • Added PDF document format options
  • Added palette customization dialog
  • Fixed disabled wiki syntax for checkboxes in Table
  • Fixed the problem with missing file extension after rename refactoring

2.5.0 Visualizing UI Flows.

  • Screenflow editor

2.4.1 Better Quick Add, new macros and more.

  • Improved the behavior of Quick Add dialog
  • Added file modification time macro with ${screen-mtime} syntax
  • Added current time macro with syntax ${current-time}
  • Added page number and count macros with ${page-number} and ${page-count} syntax respectively
  • Added an option to highlight links in PDF exports
  • Added text align properties for Table widget
  • Added background color property for Text Field, Text Area and Tooltip widgets
  • Added a video camera icon
  • Improved the rendering of Text Area widget in disabled state
  • Improved the alignment of multi-line items in List widget
  • Fixed a bug in palette caused by certain images placed in assets
  • Fixed an error in storyboards caused by screens that use screen name/path macros
  • Fixed font inheritance issue in components

2.4.0 Get that sketchy look in your mockups.

  • Added new Sketch theme
  • Added link properties to Note and Callout widgets
  • Fixed PDF export problem with certain fonts
  • Fixed the rendering of horizontal lines in Table widget
  • Studio: Improved support for version control plugins
  • Studio: Updated to Eclipse 3.6.2, GEF 3.6.2

2.3.0 Components and user libraries.

  • Added support for named groups
  • Added header visibility property for Table widget
  • Added Checkbox and Radio Group widgets
  • Improved wiki syntax to allow the rendering of icons in disabled state
  • Enabled drag & drop for multiple screens in Storyboard editor
  • Improved Palette to indicate when a search filter is applied

2.2.0 New wiki syntax for coloring text fragments, lorem ipsum generator and more.

  • Fixed the error on file rename under Aptana
  • Added support for colors in wiki text. Example: (color:red)red text
  • Added support for empty icon in trees and tables with [_] shortcut
  • Added new LinkedIn icon
  • Added “Lorem Ipsum” generator to auto-completion popup


  • Fixed the issue with PDF export and asian characters
  • Fixed the issue with file renames when plugin is not active

2.1.8 Last stability update for 2010.

  • Added facebook and twitter icons
  • Fixed the issue with background color for Callout widget
  • Fixed the issue with palette resize on Linux
  • Fixed the issue with auto-scroll on drag & drop in Outline view

2.1.7 Usability improvements and other small changes.

  • Added support for ${screen-name} and ${screen-path} expressions in wiki text
  • Replaced big icons with big thumbnails in the palette. Big icons are now the default setting
  • Made arrow keys adjust values in size and position fields in Properties View
  • Decreased the default increment of nudge actions to 1px
  • Added a visible “Add Screen…” button in storyboard editor

2.1.6 Introducing standalone version.

  • Introduced standalone version of WireframeSketcher
  • Proposing user home directory as default destination in export dialogs
  • Removed the XML content page from new screen wizard
  • Put Window and Browser widgets first in the palette
  • Fixed text align problem in multi-line widgets


  • Fixed an issue with grayed images that are missing on disk
  • Fixed an issue with refactoring when renamed unrelated files

2.1.1 Refactoring support, new Hotspot widget.

  • Added refactoring integration to update links when files are moved/renamed
  • Added Hotspot widget
  • Added an ‘eye’ icon to the icon library
  • Fixed a refresh issue in ‘assets’ directory
  • Improved the support for auto-scrolling on widget resize

2.1 Introducing extensible palette.

  • Added extensible palette support
  • Decreased the minimum width required by Properties View
  • Added font properties to Checkbox, Combo, Spinner, Radio button, Tabs and Tabbed Pane widgets
  • Added disabled state toggle to Slider widgets
  • Improved the default text for Text Area widget

2.0.3 Small bugfix version. Fixed image resize issue and added a filter icon to the icon library.

  • Fixed the issue with image resizing
  • Added a filter icon to the icon library


  • Fixed drag & drop from the palette
  • Added text alignment properties for Button, Rectangle and Circle widgets

2.0.1 Revamped palette UI. Small improvements. Future plans.

  • New Palette UI
  • New selection outline and color
  • Fixed PDF export for screens with missing images
  • Fixed the issue with obscured storyboard titles in Korean language
  • Made storyboard screens smaller
  • Fixed delete shortcut on Mac OS X. Backspace can now be used for delete too.
  • Improved the look of the Video widget
  • Fixed how Image widget is rendered when the file is missing.

2.0 Linking and interactive prototypes.

  • Linking support for creating interactive prototypes

1.8.2 New website, site licenses and new version release.

  • Changed guides to fade in faster
  • Added support for custom properties on widgets
  • Added Ctrl+Enter shortcut to activate the text editor
  • Added Shift+Enter shortcut for inserting \n sequence
  • Fixed wiki parser to recognize {country-flag2} icon

1.8.1 Multi-line text syntax, Eclipse Helios, improvements and bugfixes.

  • Added support for \n and \r wiki syntax to force multiple lines in single-line texts
  • Improved PDF exporter to embed images in their original format
  • Added Unicode support to PDF exporter
  • Fixed Image widget copy & paste issue across screens in different directories
  • Fixed the rendering of Masters in exported PNGs

1.8.0 High quality PDF export, other improvements, roadmap.

  • Improved exported PDF quality by using vector graphics
  • New Cross-Out annotation widget
  • Added position property to Tooltip widget
  • Improved hit-testing for Arrow widget
  • Fixed same width/height actions to keep selection unaltered
  • Added support for .bin extension for Image widget


  • Quick fix for problem with dashed border style when used with background color

1.7.7 Better color picker and new Chart widget.

  • New color picker
  • New Chart widget
  • Optimized the use of space inside the Properties View
  • Added dashed border style for Panel and Rectangle widgets


  • New Rectangle widget
  • New icons: book, apple, backspace
  • Added row height property for List and Table widgets
  • Added font properties for List and Table widgets
  • Added horizontal lines toggle for List widget
  • Added text and icon properties to Circle and Rectangle widgets
  • Added icon position property for Label, Circle and Rectangle widgets
  • Added background color property for Button Bar widget
  • Added support for external file editing (using File > Open File…)
  • Improved Progress Bar widget to support vertical resize and bar color
  • Improved sliders in Properties View to display tooltips with their value
  • Fixed Search Field widget to use white background instead of transparent
  • Fixed foreground color inversion for List, Table and Tree widgets


  • Fixed URL drag & drop support to support more platforms/browsers

1.7.4 Making iPhone mockups possible.

  • New increase/decrease font size actions
  • New Format menu
  • New ButtonBar widget
  • New Circle widget
  • Added the possibility to dim master screens
  • Improved snapping to work with widgets included from master screens
  • Added font and align properties for TextArea and TextField widgets
  • Added button style property for Button widget
  • Added border style property for Panel widget
  • Added border color property for Panel widget
  • Redesigned many icons for better sharpness and contrast

1.7.3 Arrows, curly braces, new wiki syntax for lists and headings.

  • New annotation widgets: Arrow and Curly Brace
  • New wiki syntax for bullet lists, numbered lists and headings in multi-line texts
  • Fixed the problem with lost transparency in scaled images
  • Small look improvements for Window, Browser, Video Player and Map widgets
  • Fixed the vertical alignment of embedded icons on Windows
  • Fixed how font properties work when applied to widgets with different font settings


  • Scrollbar, slider and progress bar widgets are now adjustable
  • Note widget now supports background color
  • Menu widget now lets you specify an icon
  • Added vertical/horizontal splitter widgets
  • Added the color picker widget
  • Locked widgets now use red color for selection outline
  • Fixed a performance problem with scaled images
  • Fixed full-screen mode problem in Flex Builder 3 on Windows
  • Fixed the rendering of disabled state in Text Area widget
  • Improved slightly the look of the Window widget
  • Made some minor fixed in auto-completion with Ctrl-Space
  • Master screens are no longer moved to the back layer when first added
  • Export now handles better the case where the destination file is locked by another app


  • Fixed resize feedback while zoomed
  • Fixed the size changing for multiple icons at once
  • Added font properties to Button widget
  • Added vertical resizing to Button widget
  • Palette entries are now sorted alphabetically
  • Icons inserted using {icon} syntax now respect the foreground color of the widget
  • Foreground color is now inverted for dark backgrounds for Button and Callout widgets
  • Added nudge size actions and changed shortcuts for all nudge actions
  • Better position scaling for non-resizable widgets when resizing groups
  • Added duplicate action with Ctrl-D shortcut
  • Added a small set of mobile icons
  • Added Background/Alpha properties for Table and List widgets
  • Fixed a slight problem with Alpha slider
  • Improved the look of Browser widget
  • Better search support for auto-completion with Ctrl-Space
  • Added more separators to the context menu


  • New icon size, extra large, 48×48.
  • Widget groups are now resizable.
  • Resizing multiple widgets now scales their sizes and positions. Resizing grouped widgets works the same way.
  • There is a new wiki syntax for disabled text: disabled text. It’s especially useful in Popup and Menu widgets.
  • Wiki markup parser now handles better markup characters inside styled text. This works: *bold*text*.
  • Button widget now supports &char syntax the same way as Menu and Popup do.
  • Actual widget sizes are now stored in XML. See measuredWidth and measuredHeight fields.
  • Multiple selection works when drag is started over a locked widget.
  • Pasting the same content multiple times increases the offset after each paste.
  • Image and Master widgets now display clearly when the source file is missing.
  • A more comprehensible tooltip is shown during resize.
  • New “loading” icon.
  • Popup widget now always calculates its height automatically.
  • Fixed the problem with auto-scroll when reordering widgets.
  • Fixed the positioning of resize tooltip.


  • Paste command now lets you paste images, text, and XML produced by Spy plugin
  • New distribute actions
  • Better initial palette settings
  • Better integration with the application menu. Added new Object menu.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Z-ordering actions
  • Support for horizontal scroll with Shift+MouseWheel.
  • Fixed selection color used by the Progress Bar widget
  • Integration with Yoxos
  • All updates are now signed


  • Improved printing support
  • Zoom support
  • Added new wizard shortcuts in Sketching perspective
  • Trash can icon


  • Using a better selection color
  • Auto-open exported PDF and PNG files using the associated program
  • Fixed an intermittent error during the batch PDF export.
  • Staging update site for development versions: https://wireframesketcher.com/staging/


  • Fixed the problem with accessing the user guide
  • Added a two-level table of contents to the user guide


  • PDF export for screens and storyboards
  • Batch Image and PDF export wizards
  • Command line support for PDF export
  • Using progress dialogs for export actions
  • Improved the wording in export dialogs
  • Reorganized context menus by pushing less frequent actions to bottom


  • Disabled Button now renders it’s icon using correct color
  • Improved the handling of system resources to prevent resource leaks
  • Fixed the display of overlapping wiki markup
  • Fixed a small resize issue in in-place editor
  • Fixed some internal errors


  • New Tabbed Pane widget
  • Toggle the visibility of grid lines for Table widget
  • Foreground color for Icon widget
  • Background color for Group widget
  • Background color for Button widget
  • Scrollbar for Group widget
  • Escape markup characters using \ (backslash)
  • Renamed the “Save As Image” dialog and actions to “Export to Image”
  • Changed the shortcut for “Export as Image” from Ctrl+I to Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Added Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I and Ctrl+U shortcuts for toggling bold, italic and underline styles
  • Fixed various shortcuts on Mac OS X


  • Combo widget accepts multiple lines of text. Extra lines are used to create a drop-down list.
  • Multiple selection support for List, Table and Tree widgets. The | (pipe) character at the beginning of the line marks it as selected.
  • Underline text style toggle in toolbar and Properties view.
  • Panning support with Space+Drag.
  • Syntax coloring in widget text editor.
  • Escape commas using the \, sequence. The \\ sequence escapes the backslash character.
  • &char sequence marks mnemonics in Menu and Popup widget. The && sequence escapes the & character.
  • Append “(read-only)” to editor’s title for read-only files.
  • Interpret markup characters as markup only when they are placed at the start and at the end of word bounds.
  • Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down icons.
  • Made the Date widget the same height as Text Field.
  • Wiki syntax support for Window and Browser widgets.
  • Tooltips in Icon Chooser dialog.


  • Fixed link and underline style rendering problem
  • Added panning support (SPACE+Drag)


  • Added text styling support using a wiki-like syntax
  • Updated the Popup widget to support shortcuts, sub-menus and icons
  • Updated the Tree widget to support icons
  • Update the Table widget to support icons
  • Fixed the problem with disabled actions when the focus is in Outline View
  • Fixed the problem with cutoff character in Label widget when using right alignment
  • Fixed the display of files in Properties View. No more %20 instead of spaces
  • Added an option to see all projects in Open screen/image dialogs
  • Removed the “/resources” prefix shown for image and screen files in Properties View
  • Added new icons to be used with the new wiki syntax.


  • New widgets: Date Field, Video Player, Map and Cover Flow.


  • New widgets: Breadcrumbs, Accordion and Link Bar
  • Added vertical scrollbar property to Browser, Window, Table, Tree, Panel, List and Text Area widgets
  • Changed the Tree widget to support background color
  • Changed the Tree widget to support selection


  • Added support for widget states: Disabled, Selected and Focused.
  • Added a property that allows to turn off the border for Panel, List, Tree and Table widgets.
  • Added new icons for Word, Excel and PDF documents.
  • Added new transportation icons: Car, Plane and Train.
  • Added white background to the mouse arrow pointer icon.
  • The Properties view now always uses native combos which have a better usability.
  • Improved the look of the Browser widget.
  • Improved the Browser widget to accept a web address that can be specified in the second line.
  • Changed the Table widget to accept spaces. This allows to adjust the width of table columns by entering extra spaces.
  • Improved the look of the Slider widget.
  • Fixed the Horizontal Scrollbar widget to use a white background.
  • Improved support for Eclipse 3.5 and notably for Eclipse 3.5/Mac OS X Cocoa.
  • Changed the Spy plugin to use the Panel widget instead of the Placeholder for unknown SWT controls.
  • Updated the Spy plugin to export enabled/disabled state of SWT controls.
  • Added Alt-Shift-F5 as an alternative shortcut for the Spy plugin. Alt-Shift-F2 is taken under Eclipse 3.5.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Screen Editor to open a screen file that refers to a non-existent image.
  • The license key is now stored globally. No need to reenter the key when using multiple workspaces.


  • WireframeSketcher Spy plugin. Convert SWT dialog and windows to a mockup.
  • New screen wizard now has an additional page that allows to paste an initial XML content.
  • Changed the look of the note widget to something more simple.
  • Note widget now has text alignment property.


  • Added new annotation widgets: note, callout and scratch out.
  • Other new widgets: progress bar, search field and tooltip.
  • Changed the Palette view to remember its state across editors and across Eclipse sessions
  • The Copy&Paste across screens preserves the original position of the widget
  • Mouse cursor icons now have a white background
  • Changed the Lorem Ipsum widget to allow the modification of its text
  • Fixed the save as Image bug on negative position bug


  • Added support for colors
  • Added selection property for Popup, Menu and Table widgets
  • Added font property for Text widget
  • Combined Font and Align property sections into a single Text section
  • Added command labels so that Undo and Redo actions display more info in the menu
  • Improved the display of the “Lorem Ipsum” widget in the Outline View
  • Selection attributes now store item indexes instead of the item text
  • Fixed a resource leak in Storyboard editor


  • Added a storyboard editor
  • Added a full-screen presentation mode both for screens and storyboards
  • Improved printing support
  • Added some minor improvements to the Quick Add dialog


  • Added 40 new icons
  • Changed the Quick Add dialog to remember the last searched string
  • Improved the detection of external changes in the screen editor


  • Quick add support for palette widgets


  • Added search support to icon selection dialog
  • Added support for keyboard navigation in icon selection dialog
  • Replaced icon size combo with radio buttons in icon selection dialog
  • Fixed the issue with PNG export to a directory that does not exist


  • Fixed the problem with creating screens using File > New > Screen from the main menu


  • Added the possibility to set the font for a screen
  • Added a preference for the default screen font
  • Changed the border color of the in-place text editor from black to blue
  • Added support for opening screens from task attachments in Mylyn
  • Added a basic support for read-only mode in screen editor
  • Fixed the issue with exporting multiple screen files from the command line


  • Image widget
  • Switched from Navigator to Project Explorer view in Sketching perspective
  • Preference pages are indexed for searching


  • Fixed the bug with palette buttons that remained pressed


  • Master screen widget
  • Fixed the auto size for Lorem Ipsum widget
  • Added categories in the palette
  • Widget inline edit is started as soon as the widget is dropped from the palette
  • Fixed focus issues with rulers on Mac OS X
  • Made double-click work in icon selection dialog


  • Fixed move/resize feedback on Mac OS X which was drawn as a black rectangle
  • Fixed marquee selection on Mac OS X which was drawn as a white rectangle


  • Fixed a problem with Label’s font
  • Improved layout of Properties view
  • Fixed issues with combos in Properties view on Mac OS X
  • Renamed OK button to Choose in icon selection dialog


  • Support for changing font on multiple widgets at once
  • Widget grouping
  • Widget locking
  • Updated the user guide
  • Selection set on objects affected by the last action
  • Proposing better file names in New Screen wizard
  • A non-zero default size for Text widget with no text


  • Snap to grid support
  • Added a preference page for grid/ruler/guides settings


  • Showing move/resize feedback in status bar
  • Displaying widget icon in Properties view
  • Added tooltips for buttons in Properties view


  • Switched from table-based editing to form-based editing in Properties view
  • Fixed selection rendering in List widget
  • Added Properties action to the context menu
  • Center icon in Button widget when the text is empty


  • Fixed NoClassDefFound error appearing when opening some screens


  • Added shortcuts for Select and Marquee selection tools
  • Ruler guide’s position is now editable in Properties view
  • Better usability for dialogs


  • Fixed the issues with Z-ordering when duplicating widgets using Ctrl-Drag
  • Support for font and align properties for Link widget
  • Replaced Area widget with Panel


  • Fixed NPE when exporting to PNG
  • Fixed the issues with Z-ordering when copy&pasting multiple widgets
  • Fixed the issue with slightly different fonts used for Label and Link widgets
  • Made line widgets thicker so that mouse selection works better
  • Renamed Dummy Text widget to Lorem Ipsum
  • Improved the Bug Report dialog to create a zip with Eclipse log file and configuration


  • Added a new Group widget
  • Command line support for PNG export
  • Fixed the off by 1px issue with Label’s auto-size
  • Save as image prompts the user when overriding and existing file
  • Fixed the issue with Label’s auto-size when duplicating using Ctrl-Drag
  • Fixed the issue with copy&pasting a Combo widget with an empty text
  • Improved the layout of the Label widget when an icon is set


  • Initial release