How about a context menu selection to create a new screen?

For example if I add a button to a window it would be nice to just right click on the button and choose "Create New Screen" and have the button link set to the new screen and pop the new screen open. It would speed things up a fair amount.

Still loving the product. I'm creating my largest prototype yet, about 35 screens so far and I'm less than halfway done. Quite a few of the screens are very complex with many controls on them. You've given me a whole lot of nothing - zero performance issues, zero bugs found, zero hassles.

I wish I could say the same for OpenOffice Impress. A presentation with 35 slides in it is too excruciatingly slow to use it, even with an i5 and 16GB of RAM :\



Hi Dan,

Thank you for your kind words! You make me blush :)

You are right, screen linking could get some improvement. I have other complaints about linking requiring too many steps. I am still looking for a good solution and I'll take yours in consideration. I am not sure about extending the context menu, but I think I could easily add an action in Links View. This way it will also work for widgets that have multiple links.

The latest release adds support for screen linking via drag & drop from Project Explorer: