I'm seeing pixelated fonts running the latest version of Wireframe Sketcher. Meaning rather than "smooth" edges, there are steps, as if there is no antialiasing. I am on Windows 7, and have the default font set to Arial, but have tried other fonts with the same result.

If I add or edit an item, the font looks fine. When I end editing the font jumps back to the pixelated look. This is also the case when I preview. I should also note that all the other text on my system is fine (icon text, the GUI in Eclipse, start menu, etc.). This is only affecting the widgets in a screen.

I believe this only started happening after the last update, as I'm fairly sure everything was all right in the past.


I recently made some changes to improve text anti-aliasing and they are available in the development version. Can you try it and let me know if it fixes this issue for you?

Yep that looks a lot better. Thanks.