I noticed today that CTRL+D doesn't work. Right mouse button click shows keyboard shortcuts for Copy/Paste/... but not for Duplicate.

However, my keyboard shortcuts (default settings, fresh Juno installation) show CTRL+D assigned to Duplicate in Wireframing.

Am I missing something?

Thanks Petr

Hi Petr,

It's hard to say what's wrong, but I am sure we did not have any recent changes in this area. If you are using Eclipse 4.2 then make sure you also install Juno Optimizations patch as described here: http://wireframesketcher.com/install_details.html#eclipse42

You can also try resetting Wireframing perspective using Window > Reset Perspective... and see if it helps.

If it still does not work then send me your log file and I'll take we'll investigate. You can do it using WireframeSketcher > Preferences > WireframeSketcher > Report a Bug....

Unfortunately, the optimization patch broke my PDT, DBViewer and Wireframesketcher. WS is not available in preferences any longer so I can't report a bug this way. I'll get back to you after I restore my Eclipse.

I installed the patch from here: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/updates/junoSR1Patch-tmp

It appears that the keyboard shortcut issue is Juno related. CTRL+D works and is visible in my Zend Eclipse for PHP Developers installation based on Eclipse 3.7.2.

I managed to revert to an older installation configuration which fixed everything. Surprisingly enough, even the missing keyboard shortcut.

So all is well now.

Thank you for your support, Petru.

Petr, are you sure you've installed the patch over Eclipse 4.2 and not Eclipse 3.8? Generally my advise is to stick with Eclipse 3.8.1 until 4.2 branch gets more stable. There will be a Juno SR2 update at the end of February and hopefully it will work better.

Funny, after a few minutes of working I noticed that the shortcut is gone again.

I'm giving up on this though, I'll rather live with a missing shortcut and working Eclipse rather than the other way around :-)

I'm absolutely sure it was the 4.2 installation. My other installation is the Zend version based on 3.7.2 and I'm doing my best not to mess with it.

I agree that Juno SR1 seems half baked.