Assets from Mockups Gallery can normally be installed directly from WireframeSketcher by choosing Help > Add Assets from Mockups Gallery. However it might happen that you need to install these assets manually. For example currently normal asset install does not work on recent Linux distributions and crashes WireframeSketcher.

The temporary workaround is to install assets manually. To do this follow these steps:

  • Open Mockups Gallery in your browser
  • Choose a stencil and download the associated zip archive. Let’s say you’ve downloaded to /tmp directory
  • In WireframeSketcher, select the asset folder in your project, right click on it and choose Import Archive
  • Select your zip file in From archive file field
  • Then edit the Into folder field and append SocialIcons to the folder name. You should get something like MyProject/assets/SocialIcons. Note that it’s important that you name this folder the same as the archive name, especially for icons.
  • Choose Finish to import the asset