Use Mockups Gallery to download extra stencils, widgets, icons and mockup templates for WireframeSketcher. There you’ll find stencils for iPhone, Android, iPad and more.

How stencils work?

WireframeSketcher looks for stencils and other assets in assets folder in the root of your project. Assets in this folder are loaded up automatically and made accessible in the Palette view.

Installing stencils

WireframeSketcher integrates directly with Mockups Gallery and makes it easy to install any stencil or asset. Here’s how to install an asset:

  • Use Help > Add Assets from Mockups Gallery from WireframeSketcher to load the Mockups Gallery website
  • Choose the asset you need and click on it
  • Click on the download link
  • Choose the target project for your asset and click “Finish”.

Selected assets will be automatically downloaded and placed in the assets folder of your target project. Now for any screens in this project you’ll have access to extra assets.