WireframeSketcher needs to be able to connect to the Internet when performing any of the following tasks:

  • Updating WireframeSketcher using Help > Check for Updates
  • Adding new stencils using Help > Add Stencils from Mockups Gallery
  • Sharing wireframes online using File > Share Online…

This article describes possible issues that can prevent WireframeSketcher from being able to connect to the Internet.

Proxy settings

If you are behind a proxy then you might need to configure it explicitly for WireframeSketcher. Generally WireframeSketcher will detect your proxy settings automatically, but in some cases, like for proxies that require an user and a password, you’ll need to configure it manually.

To configure your proxy settings manually open Window > Preferences > General > Network Connections preferences, then switch Active Provider setting to Manual and configure the proxy using Edit button. Click OK when finished.

Proxy Settings

Anti-virus or personal firewall software

Some security software like anti-viruses or personal firewalls will block applications like WireframeSketcher from connecting to the Internet. To check that this is the case for you try to temporarily disable the protection and see if it solves the connection issue.

If your protection software is blocking WireframeSketcher then you’ll need to configure it to allow WireframeSketcher to connect to the Internet. This is generally done by adding the application to a whitelist.