WireframeSketcher provides open-source Java code that can be used to work with screen and story files. Code is licensed under Eclipse Public License v1.0.

Getting the source

Sources are provided for 2 plug-ins:

  • com.wireframesketcher.model – The EMF Java model. Use Persister class for loading and writing files.
  • com.wireframesketcher.spy – The SWT Spy plug-in. An example of how model classes should be used.

Get the source from one of the following places:

Update site

You can get the source by installing WireframeSketcher SDK from this update site:

Zip archive

Alternatively you can download the zip archive.

Github repository

Use Git to checkout sources from WireframeSketcher github repository:

git clone git://

Creating your own tools

You can create tools that either work inside Eclipse or are standalone. For an example of an Eclipse plug-in take a look at com.wireframesketcher.spy. For a standalone tool copy WireframeSketcher jar files and EMF Core jars into your libraries.