This a short guide on how to obtain a working installation of WireframeSketcher when using high-resolution 4K monitor on Linux.

Currently WireframeSketcher has a limited support for Hi-DPI 4K monitors on Linux. This will change in mid-2017 when we plan to migrate to a new version of Eclipse platform. Until then you can use a few alternatives.

If you are already an Eclipse user then just make sure that you use the latest version of Eclipse 4.7 IDE, or an IDE flavor based on that.

If you prefer the standalone version then it’s possible to install a minimal version of Eclipse 4.7 platform and then install WireframeSketcher as a plug-in into it. The end result is very close to the standalone version of WireframeSketcher.

Follow these steps to accomplish that:

  1. Download the appropriate flavor of Eclipse Platform Runtime Binary for your OS
  2. Extract the archive and start Eclipse application by launching eclipse executable
  3. Install WireframeSketcher as a plug-in by following Eclipse 4.7 installation instructions