Windows installer for WireframeSketcher supports the following parameters to help you with automating the installation:

  • /S – runs the installer in silent mode
  • /AllUsers – performs the installation for all users
  • /CurrentUser – performs the installation for current user
  • /INSTDIR – specifies the installation directory


Silently install WireframeSketcher:

WireframeSketcher-installer.exe /S

Silently install WireframeSketcher to C:\Program Files\WireframeSketcher. Don’t use quotes even if there are spaces. The path must be absolute:

WireframeSketcher-installer.exe /S /INSTDIR=C:\Program Files\WireframeSketcher

Silently install WireframeSketcher for all users:

WireframeSketcher-installer.exe /S /AllUsers


It’s possible to register WireframeSketcher automatically with the license key after the silent install. Create a file named wiresketch.key file with the license key and place it in the installation directory of WireframeSketcher or Eclipse.

To verify the registration go to Window > Preferences > WireframeSketcher and check the license details.