Under certain configurations WireframeSketcher cannot be updated using Help > Check for Updates option. This article helps to identify the problem and gives possible solutions.

Note that if nothing else works, then you always have the solution to just download and install the latest version manually. This operation will keep intact your existing files and your license key.

Network access issues

Some common causes of network access issues are network proxies and anti-virus or personal firewall software. See internet connection problems article for possible solutions to these problems.

System-wide installation

Another common cause of update failures is when the software is installed system-wide.

Depending on your OS, system-wide means:

  • Installed as Administrator or in the “Program Files” directory on Windows 7 and later
  • Installed in system “Applications” directory on Mac OS X
  • Installed as root on Linux

Note that Ubuntu should stay away from using Help > Check for Updates option as you should get product updates as part of system updates (starting with WireframeSketcher 4.2.6).

A solution is to restart the application as administrator user, perform the update and then restart it again as a normal user. On Windows this is done by launching the application using Run as Administrator option from the context menu. On Linux use sudo.