Version 1.0.4

Posted on Dec 23 2008 by - Comments

Yet another minor update. Changes in this version:

  • Guide positions can be edited in Properties View. Useful for exact guide placement.
  • Added shortcuts for Select and Marquee tools, F3 and F4 accordingly.

The road ahead

Posted on Dec 06 2008 by - Comments

I was asked repeatedly to publish the roadmap for WireframeSketcher. I’ve hesitated until now as I am still looking for more feedback before committing to anything for the next major version. Currently my roadmap looks like this:

Screen editor features

  • More widgets for both rich client and web UI prototyping:
  • Annotation widgets
    • Post-it Notes
    • Callouts
    • Curly braces
  • More flexible widgets
    • Colors, background, foreground
    • Font properties where it makes sense
    • Enabled/Disabled and other widget states
    • More configuration options for list/table widgets (grid lines visibility, item height, optional header)
    • Text-driven icons support in menu/popup/list/table widgets (think of a checkbox in a table cell)
  • Better editor UI
    • Show coordinates/sizes on widget move/resize
    • Widget grouping
    • Widget locking
    • Master pages/layers
    • Better UI for widget properties (replace Properties View with something that requires less mouse clicks)
    • Quick widget insert. Hit Ctrl-Space; type some keywords to find a widget; hit Enter to insert the widget at current mouse position.
    • Display vertical/horizontal guides for standard paper formats (A3, A4, US Letter, Portrait, Landscape) so that screen mockups can be properly layed out for printing.
    • Configurable units (px, cm, inches)

Other long term features

  • Storyboards
  • Interactivity. Clicking buttons, links and hot areas to navigate between screens
  • Presentation tools (think of a full-screen slideshow)
  • Clickable HTML/PDF export for storyboards

Hopefully this gives you a better image of the direction I’ve planned for this product so far. Contact me directly or post a message on the forum with any suggestion you might have.

Version 1.0.3

Posted on Dec 04 2008 by - Comments

Another maintenance release. Changes in this version:

  • Fixed Ctrl-Drag to preserve the Z-order of copied widgets.
  • Enabled font properties for Link widget:
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