Hi there! I am happy to announce a new release of WireframeSketcher. This new version brings another round of improvements that I’m sure you’ll find useful. I dedicate this version to Laurent Malvert as the acknowledgment of his effort in improving this tool. Please read on.

Adjustable scrollbars

The main change in this version is a new Value property that lets you adjust the thumb position for scrollbar widgets. This property works for Horizontal and Vertical scrollbar widgets but also for all the widgets that have the Scrollbar property such as Table, Tree, Browser, Window and other:

Adjustable Scrollbars

Additionally the Value property also works for Slider and Progress Bar widgets:

Value Property

Splitters and Color Picker

This version also brings three new widgets. Vertical and Horizontal Splitters and the Color Picker:

New Splitter and Color Picker widgets

Other changes

Here is the list of other changes in this version:

  • Locked widgets now use red color for selection outline
  • Note widget now supports background color
  • Menu widget now lets you specify an icon. Mac OS X users will find this useful.
  • Fixed a performance problem with scaled images. This issue was reported by @seantindale and it was especially noticeable on Linux. Images play a big part in wireframes so it was extremely important that they work well. Sean really helped me to see where the problem came from.
  • Fixed full-screen mode problem in Flex Builder 3 on Windows
  • Fixed the rendering of disabled state in Text Area widget
  • Improved slightly the look of the Window widget
  • Master screens are no longer moved to the back layer when dropped from Project Explorer. I am not sure if anyone has noticed that it worked like this but in case you miss it please make yourself heard.
  • Export now handles better the case where the destination file is locked by another app

Eclipse Helios

I am following closely the development of the next major version of Eclipse also known as Eclipse Helios (3.6). Those that live on the edge will be happy to know that WireframeSketcher works even better than before with this new version.

One notable change in Eclipse Helios was made just yesterday. It concerns a long standing issue on Mac OS X Cocoa which was rendering WireframeSketcher practically unusable. This issue is now fixed and the future is bright for Mac OS X users! You won’t be restricted to using Eclipse Carbon version anymore.


As usual to update to the latest version of WireframeSketcher just use the Eclipse update manager.


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