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Hi there! I am happy to announce the release of a new major version.

I’ve talked for some time now about adding a wiki-like syntax support. It took me much more time than initially planned to actually implement it. I wanted the implementation to be top notch and I feel that it’s finally there! So let me show how this wiki syntax works.

Lets start with an example:

Styling example

Here is the text used to render the above image:

*Name*,Last Name,Age v,Kids,Likes,Actions
Peter,Severin,33,[x],{computer},[Edit] [View]
Cristina,Severin,33,[x],{shopping-cart},[Edit] [View]
Henri,Severin,2,[],{note},[Edit] [View]
[-] _You can even_
[+] *_Have_*
[+] +Treetables+

Impressive, ha? Here’s a quick reference of the wiki syntax:

What you type What it looks like
*bold text* bold text
_italicized text_ italicized text
+underlined text+ underlined text
-strikeout text- strikeout text
+*_and combine styles_*+ and combine styles
[link] link
{icon-name} insert the icon named “icon-name”

Yes, you can insert an icon anywhere you need one. Since we are using Eclipse I could let you guess the shortcut for inserting an icon. Any serious Eclipse user doesn’t make a move without Ctrl-Space:

Icon auto-completion

Icons can also be inserted using various shorthands as can be seen in the first example. [x] stands for a checked checkbox. [] – for unchecked. I’ll let you discover the rest of them by yourself.

Here’s another example that shows what this wiki syntax lets you do with a Tree and a Popup:

Tree and popup

I hope this was enough to whet your appetite and you are gone updating your version of WireframeSketcher!

File dialog setting

Some of you have complained that the Open Screen/Image dialogs won’t let you select files in other projects. Now there is a setting to enable just that. The setting is persistent:

Open screen dialog settings

Other changes

  • Fixed the problem with disabled actions when the focus is in Outline View
  • Fixed the problem with right-aligned Labels where the last character was obscured
  • Fixed the display of files in Properties View. No more %20 gibberish instead of spaces
  • Added a set of new icons to be used with the new wiki syntax.


As usual to update to the latest version of WireframeSketcher just use the Eclipse update manager.

Since I’ve had to made extensive changes some widgets may have changed slightly their rendering. Please don’t hesitate to point me cases where this update poses a problem.

A note to Mac OS X users. There are still bugs in the new Cocoa Eclipse. Some of those bugs in particular break the new wiki support. So please be patient and stick with the Carbon Eclipse.